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A Princess Cruise Review

On September 5, 2015, Mr. Cozi and I embarked on our second cruise in 35 years of marriage. We were celebrating our anniversary and taking a

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Planning to See Alaska

Welcome to day 2 of my 31 Days of Alaska. This is part of an annual series I participate in through 31 Days, where I choose a

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31 Days of Alaska

If you love travel, then see Alaska! Mr. Cozi and I just returned from our 35-year-wedding-anniversary trip which included a cruise to Alaska. I’m telling

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Flea Market Babies

It was suppose to be a Sunday afternoon drive for a mother and her daughter. But, one stop into a dusty, make-shift flea market changed

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Anne Hathaway Syndrome

In an article yesterday on BuzzFeed News, writer Anne Helen Petersen addressed another of Hollywood’s dirty little secrets. In her piece, Anne Hathaway Syndrome, she revealed

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The Color of 50

This article was previously published on my friend and hairdresser, Jenny Leigh’s, personal blog. With her permission, I am sharing the wisdom and helpful tips

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A Tribute to the Generous

Generosity can present itself in many ways. I have friends who are generous with their time, others who are ready to give helpful tips for

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The Beauty of Wisdom

As I continue to write about women over 50, I realize, that many who died 14 years ago in those towers, the Pentagon or a field

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Counting Goats

It takes a Mongolian goat four years to shed enough hair to make one cashmere sweater. That sweater probably fits a size 2! So, how

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Steak and Garbage

Would you eat something called Steak and Garbage? If not, you are missing out! When Mr. Cozi and I were first married we spent a

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Tribal Art in Fall Fashion

Common people, during the days of the Aztec civilization, did not own art. Upper class members were the keepers of any special pieces of art.

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It’s Lemongrass Season

So, it’s lemongrass season. Do you have a bundle in your produce drawer? What? You don’t cook with lemongrass everyday? This post will change all

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