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The Color of 50

This article was previously published on my friend and hairdresser, Jenny Leigh’s, personal blog. With her permission, I am sharing the wisdom and helpful tips she offers on this Fashion Friday.

What does the color of “50” look like to you?
Well, I’ll be honest, as I am inching on to that magical age
 it’s looking a LOT better than it did when I was a child.
  It seems that hair color at that time was actually more like  “one color for all”.
 And that color was usually black.
**Thank you Lord for the progression in the world of hair color**
As a hair dresser, I have seen first hand how a great haircut and
 flattering hair color can absolutely TRANSFORM ones outlook.
Now take a look at Demi Moore.  Thanks to Getty Images Entertainment
 for this picture of what is a sure fire inspiration for taking care of yourself!!
The Color of 50
When we enter this stage of life our hormones take over and go bizerk.
But Demi shows us what is possible.
Let’s don’t talk about how she has hours to spend on her
 physique and skin and hair etc. etc. etc.
  For just a moment, let’s pretend that our bodies’ look just like hers.
Now,… know that in real life we can have her hair.
It is a faux pas that you can’t have dark hair as we enter our 50’s.
You totally can.  As long as it’s flattering on you.
First tip is to keep your color soft.
Even Demi’s color is not solid.  It has dimension and variations.
A more pleasing choice for most women in their 50’s is a medium brunette.
Check out Kelly Preston on’s list of
Sexiest Women Over 50
Kelly Preston
As we age we want to avoid super harsh colors around our face.
Here, Kelly has a version of Ecaille.
This is a trend that has staying power and
 I seriously LOVE it for the softness
that is gives to any face.
  Do you remember the tortoiseshell combs we used to use in the late 70’s?
Well if you do then there is your inspiration for this color
that adds beautiful golden tones to brunettes.
It can add color to your face as well.
But what if your gray is just out of control and you want to make that pesky
regrowth disappear as much as possible?
  Then the perfect choice for you is Highlights!
Michelle Pfeiffer, at age 57, was also on that list of’s
Sexiest Women Over 50.
And she deserves it!
By putting light colors closer to the scalp that gray will just blend right in.
I often use a technique call Shadow Coloring.
You can see a version of that here as they have added a dark blonde color at the roots
broken up by soft, weaves of blonde.  It keeps it looking much more natural.
And a few more tips to think about:
I don’t have to tell you how we begin to be robbed of moisture that
our bodies once were fine with producing.  So with this lack of moisture we need to
replace it as best we can.  A good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is vital.
If your hair is fine then just apply conditioner to the ends of your hair.  This will help your hair without sacrificing fullness.
Don’t forget the eyebrows!!!  They frame your eyes.  The door to your soul.
Keep that door looking inviting by tinting your eyebrows with
pencil, powder, or tint.
As with your hair color, keep it soft.  No black please.
And lastly, color adds fullness, texture, and SHINE****
Who doesn’t want that??
Makes me want to go color my hair right now!!!
How about you?

 Thank you, Jenny, for sharing this today! You are the reason I’m so gorgeous! 😉

Hair Style

Just kidding about the gorgeous part, but I DO LOVE the color Jenny does with my hair.

“Only my hairdresser knows for sure!”

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