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Tribal Art in Fall Fashion

Common people, during the days of the Aztec civilization, did not own art. Upper class members were the keepers of any special pieces of art. The patterns we see in fashion prints today are a combination of art from several different tribes.

Now all these centuries later, we can all enjoy art from the Aztecs. Check out this skirt from Dollar General.

Aztec Skirt

Donna wears a cropped sweater of her own with a black, brown and ivory printed Aztec skirt.

Book Stool

Laced sandals are the perfect choice for this pattern.

Cropped Sweater

If the emperor never wore the same garment twice, we can now all live like emperors if we shop at stores like Dollar General.

Hand in Hair

This skirt was $3.99.

Hands on Hipa

This neutral outfit is a great choice for transitioning into Fall.

Walnut Snack

The cropped sweater is perfect for this maxi skirt. This would also make a great travel outfit, as the skirt is wrinkle resistant and would fall beautifully right out of our luggage.

Sweater Chest

Summer into Fall sweaters are made of all cotton and breath naturally on humid days here in the south. Look for them at Ross, TJMaxx, Dollar General and all department stores. A brightly colored handbag can add a pop of color to a neutral outfit.

Source: Aztec History

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