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Summer Favorites to Save for Next Year

Summer is wrapping up and soon we will be putting away our flip flops and pulling out our long sleeve t-shirts and ankle boots. In the meantime, I thought I would round up some of my favorite summer looks on CoziNest this year that I love enough to save for next year. I have learned so much about fashion while writing these Fashion Friday posts and have fallen more in love with the science of finding personal style, our individual body shapes and what colors look best on what skin tone. This Fall, you will see more posts about how all of this plays into the empty nest stage of life.

Hold on to Your Hat

Savannah Hickox from Deja Vu in Fairhope was wearing sunset in June.

Patriotic Handbag

Mallory sports red, white and blue beautifully in Summer Accents.

JCPenney Worthington Blouse

What fun we had with Deb in Andalusia, AL. Her new clothes were perfect and the sassy haircut made all the difference.

Worthington Blouse

Patricia Ingram discovered she had a lovely figure in Ambush Makeover.

Donna Jackson

The natural look of French fashion was introduced here on CoziNest with Donna Jackson in Getting Out Alive.


Shopping at Dollar General provides easy work-from-home outfits in Minding My Own BusinessSavvy Shopping at Dollar General, and Yoga Pants and Loose Knit Sweaters.

Time flies when you’re having fun and Fashion Fridays are so much fun for me to write. Thank you so much for reading. Summer was hot, humid and a challenge to try and dress fashionably, comfortable and cool. Things I will definitely do again next year:

  1. Wear the colors of sunset
  2. Accent with red on patriotic holidays
  3. Finding the right haircut can take years off of our look
  4. Dressing to enhance our best features makes us look 10 pounds thinner
  5. Neutral makeup and wardrobe colors look cool and refreshing during hot summer months
  6. Shopping at Dollar General creates a great work-from-home wardrobe for just a few pennies.

With help from Deja Vu, Darlene Real Higginbotham, The Grand Salon in Andalusia, AL, Dollar General and Donna Jackson, I hope you’ve found a few tips to save for next summer.

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