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About Us

Who We Are

A little bit about me…

I’m Kim, the writer of this blog. My husband (lovingly referred to as 007 here on the blog) and I are recently retired. We love travel.  Our goal is to explore the culture and history of other countries and bring home ideas for lifestyle, faith, culinary delights and hobbies to share with you.


Graceful Getaways

CoziNest Living is dedicated to those who enjoy luxurious adventure. We focus on travel for seniors, weaving in elements of beauty and home decor. Highlighting destinations with a cultural focus, delving into fashion choices for comfortable, yet stylish travel, all while incorporating global aesthetics into home design.

We also love to include what we learn spiritually from our pilgrimage of faith and tranquility. Everywhere we look, there's a connection to God and an opportunity for spiritual enrichment. Travel can be exhausting. We like to find a way to enjoy a serene and meaningful minute or two to connect with our Lord in a new place.


Coming Soon!

We are working hard to bring you great new products for such a time as this! You’ll find products here ranging from anti-aging beauty products to global travel discounts. We will scour the internet and bring you fun and comfortable fashion, easy fitness tips, faith books and even games and toys to play with your grandchildren.

Cozinest About Us

Here’s to the Trip of Your Lifetime

We focus on cultural experiences, explore destinations rich in history and heritage along with a few culinary delights. By sharing our stories, insights and tips, we hope to help you plan the trip of your lifetime.