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Summer Accents

Whether we’re heading to the beach or attending a 4th of July picnic, layering our accent pieces can make a big difference in our summer look. Today, we have several examples of summer accents from Charming Charlie’s.

Darlene Real-Higginbotham and her models have put on another fabulous fashion show at The Club in Birmingham, AL and I have several of those looks to share with you.

Darlene Real-Higginbotham

Darlene is the founder of The Real Model Connection and President of Appearance Matters, Inc. She is also a fashion stylist and coach. If you would like to contact her for a style update, call her at 205-902-4808.


Let’s begin with Kim who is modeling sunglasses, a bib necklace and maxi dress in the bright colors of summer.

Maxi with Flip Flops

Layer on a few bracelets and a bright colored clutch to complete this look.

Orange Multi Maxi Dress

Next, we have Billie showing us how to layer a tank top under a halter dress, pick the perfect hat and jewelry for a black and white kind of day.

Hats for Women

Hi-Lo Dress

This hi-lo dress goes easily from day to night with just a quick change of shoes. Billie’s heels make it a perfect dress for night. Changing to sandals or even flip flops would make it a great day dress.

Tank Top with Halter Dress

For ladies who prefer not to expose as much skin as a halter dress does, adding a tank top works magically. A scarf accents her waist.


Linda is wearing a much-loved white dress with turquoise accents. Whether sitting by the pool or roaming through an amusement park, sun hats keep you cool and your skin protected.

Scarf tied on beach bag

Tying a scarf on our beach bag is a great way to layer interest and have an alternative look for our hair. After a day of swimming or a wind-blown-do from the beach, using the scarf in our hair can cover a multitude of sins.

Ready for the beach

Visors and hats are a must in our summer heat here in the south and Charming Charlie’s has a great selection at low prices.

Yellow Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love black, white and yellow for a day out with friends? Judy is layering lots of necklaces and you won’t miss her in these bright yellow shades!

Layered necklaces

Black, white and yellow

87 Year Old Model

Ladies, fashion over 50 can keep us young at heart for years to come. Barbara is 87 years young and still looking fabulous. A simple black top and white pants are styled with a tasseled scarf, sunglasses and a white hat to make this a great outfit for any age.

70th Wedding Anniversary

A round of applause for this beautiful woman who recently celebrated her 70th wedding anniversary.

Sunglasses for Kids

Cassidy was the youngest model of the day and shows us how to prepare for the 4th of July. Charming Charlie’s has something for every age group.

Red, White and Blue for Kids

Modeling at 13Liza is only 13 and this was her debut fashion show.

Orange Clutch and Hat

A pop of orange works with any color.

Fresh as a Daisy

Hats for Women Over 50

Ms. Ellen, who is known for her stylish hats and cowgirl boots, reinvents the animal print top for summer with a few statement necklaces.

layered statement pieces

Paired with her own ruffled skirt, this top can go from casual chic to special occasion.


Patsy models summer florals beautifully.

Charming Charlie's

The swingy fringe hem of this boho-style kimono gives Patsy a quick option for a little added coverage on cool summer nights.

Poncho with Fringe

This floral poncho is on trend with a touch of fringe at the bottom.

Bib Necklace

Layers of bracelets, color coordinated watch, bib necklace and sunglasses adorn this floral poncho and tank top perfectly.

Green and Yellow

Green and yellow are sunny compliments to Ginny’s pretty complexion.

Bare Shoulders

Ladies, since our shoulders age the least, Darlene says we needn’t shy away from bare shoulders.

Lemon Slice Wristlet

Adding a scarf to our hat and pulling out our lemon slice wristlet turns functional into fun!

Pink Sunglasses

Tanya protects her eyes with a stylish pair of coral frames.

Boho Fringe

Always looking for new ways to wear a scarf, Darlene fitted this boho fringed sash at Tanya’s waist with the fringe dangling down the dress.


Mallory’s beautiful smile, gorgeous hair and eyes are accent enough, but her mint green shawl and navy maxi showcase the many different color combinations you can sport in the summer.

Mint Shawl

If you are looking for a new look, why not add a few accessories to a not-as-new outfit? Darlene adds,

“The shopping experience at Charming Charlie is fun, happy and the employees are young and helpful. They are known for amazing organization in their stores where the merchandise is separated by color. This technique is genius, making it easy to find just the right piece to update your look. Add a hat, bracelet, watch, necklace, ring, earring, belt, shoe and bag to the outfit you wore into the store and you walk out a new person!! And while shopping, check out their tip cards that give you ideas on how to wear certain pieces.”

And here is a preview of The Real Model Connection’s feature here on CoziNest next week. The Real Model Connection

Thank you to The Club of Birmingham, Darlene Real-Higginbotham and Charming Charlie for this Fashion Friday post. A special thanks to Ashley Cichon, store manager at the Summit. This post wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Charming Charlie's

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