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A Tribute to the Generous

Generosity can present itself in many ways. I have friends who are generous with their time, others who are ready to give helpful tips for problem solving, and still others who are unselfish with their funds. As I thought through the people in my life this morning and how each give in their own special way, I decided to write a tribute to their generosity.

Mr. Cozi is generous as a servant. He is quick to do whatever is needed by his family. If I ask for help with household items, he helps without complaint. If I ask for help with a writing project, he will sit down and read, making suggestions in the sweetest, kindest way possible. Taking care of cars, maintaining our house and even our health is at the top of his list. He reminds us of annual physicals, dental appointments, flu shots, and sunscreen. He is magnanimous in the care of his family.

Mr. Cozi and me.

My daughter, Thing 2 as I affectionately refer to her on this blog, is most generous with forgiveness. She most certainly has the gift of mercy. She is kindhearted, loving and does not ever hold a grudge. In the few times that we have “had words,” she has always apologized when needed and forgiven quickly when I apologize. When I step onto my soap-box about certain no-gooders, she very sweetly listens, but offers some positive thing to say, even if it’s just, “well, Mom, I’ve never walked in their shoes, so I don’t know how they feel.” To this “I-just-want-you-to-agree-with-me-person,” it can be frustrating, but not really. It is her best gift and I love being her student. I learn something from my daughter every day.

Tribute to Generosity

My son, Thing 1, is generous with his humor. It’s funny, that as a comedy writer, he has never been one to seek the spotlight. It’s never been fame that he seeks or to be the center of attention. He just enjoys making others laugh and he does it with a soft-touch. When I laugh at something he says, it feels like I’ve just been softly patted on the cheek. His comedy is never cruel or tasteless, it’s smart and thoughtful, classy and is offered at times in an esoteric manner.

Thing 1

When trying to decipher the gifts of generosity in my mother-in-love, I don’t know how to narrow it down. Many give their time or gifts or service, but rarely do you have a person who shows their love in all these ways at once. My mother-in-love is generous with her gifts to each of us. She buys lunch or dinner when we go out, sends gifts by mail on no particular occasion, and always shops with each persons’ likes and dislikes in mind. I can’t begin to list here the number of gifts she’s given with her time. I can’t remember a single time that I asked her to sit with my children that she said no. She was never “giving up” her time, but gaining time with her grandchildren. When I’ve needed a shoulder to cry on, whether at work or home, she’s stopped what she was doing to listen. Her service gifts are eternal. I’ll never forget her doing our laundry when my babies were born, going to drug stores for late night sicknesses and preparing countless meals filled with everyone’s favorite dishes.Mom-in-Love


Kristie's Graduation Party

My sisters. There just aren’t enough words. Kristie (middle) is a nurse and we are constantly asking medical advice and I’m sure there are times she wants to scream, “I’m not a doctor!” But she doesn’t. Her patience is long-suffering! Kellie, is a giver of time. No matter what I ask of her, she works it into her schedule to accomplish. She is never too busy for her family.

Miss Hospitality, herself. Isn't she pretty?

My mom is generous with help during an emergency. The famous question from Ghostbusters describes my mom to a T! “Who you gonna call? Mombusters!” Whatever is going on, sickness, surgery, babies born, driver to the airport, you name it and Mom is who we call. Thank you, Mom!

Spirit of Loveliness in The Kitchen

Sweeeeet Daddy! Another one of those people that is generous in it all. If you need his help moving a child to college, he’s there. When the check is delivered at dinner, he picks it up. When you just want to talk, he ALWAYS answers his phone and when you need a hug, that sweet pat you get on your shoulder says it all. You also just know that whatever you need, Daddy will make it happen.

These are just a few of the people in my life who have the gift of generosity. How do your loved ones show their generosity?

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