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Getting to Know Your Neighbors

If your nest is empty and you are looking for ways to fill it, I have two suggestions today:

  1. Begin a blog. It has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever attempted. And…
  2. Get to know your neighbors.

I am counting my blessings this morning and the one foremost on my mind is how I have been getting to know my neighbors. I am now working with N2Publishing. I am the Assistant Publisher for our neighborhood magazine, Creekside Living and am thankful for this opportunity for so many reasons. The first being the company mission statement:

Our mission is to build a nationwide company that honors God, strengthens the family and creates financial wealth for everyone involved.

The biggest blessing of writing for this publisher is that it has connected me with my neighbors. We’ve lived here for 4 1/2 years and still feel somewhat disconnected from our community. With Creekside Living, N2Publishing is

“providing homeowners and communities with a superior publication that is informative and useful, while providing businesses with an exceptional way of promoting their products and services.”

I’ve already met some incredible people. Our neighborhood is filled with professionals, athletes, volunteers and great kids that I am sure our community will be hearing more about in the future. As I write about young parents, grandparents and retirees in our neighborhood, it gives me the wonderful opportunity to get to know my neighbors.

We’ve met great folks like:

Shawn and Mike

Shawn and Mike. He is a Vietnam Vet who was with the 177th Airborne and she was teacher of the year at one of our Baldwin County Schools.

Turning Neighborhoods into Communities

Jeff, Daphne, Christine and Terrance. Jeff and Daphne own their own business and are a family of 5 with their oldest child having been adopted early in their marriage. The two work tirelessly toward helping their neighbors live more fit and healthy lives with fitness coaching and Advocare supplements.

Christine is my publisher, a mother of two boys, wife to Terrance and one of the hardest working women I’ve met in a long time. She embodies the company policy of turning neighborhoods into communities, by volunteering with S.E.L.F. a local charity, organizing events for our residents and living a life for Christ through a local body of believers. Meeting her has been a life changer.

Christine Linson

There are many more, but I will finish with Christine Linson. She is a local artist who has literally painted the town of Fairhope and creates her ever popular Christmas cards each year. She is pictured here with her 2015 painting of the American Legion Post 199, the card of love for this Christmas season.

I have been in her shop numerous times and even purchase her Christmas cards most every year, but had no idea we were neighbors. Creekside Living has introduced me to new opportunities for writing, a new job that I love, but most of all, it has introduced me to my neighbors. In today’s world of electronic socializing, that has been the biggest reward of all.

My next post will be suggestions on how to meet and get to know your neighbors, so stay tuned!

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