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Counting Goats

It takes a Mongolian goat four years to shed enough hair to make one cashmere sweater. That sweater probably fits a size 2! So, how long would it take a goat to make a cashmere throw for me to snuggle in on a chilly night in Fairhope, AL? I’m guessing one goat might not live that long, so tonight, instead of counting sheep when I tuck myself in, I’ll be counting goats.

Petursson Goat

As Fall approaches and football season is within field goal range, it’s time to pull out the blankets, throws, scarves and toboggans for those brisk nights in the stadium. Those of you who live in my neck of the woods may be wondering why in the world I’m spending time talking about a cashmere blanket when the average low temperature during our winter months is 43 degrees. Well, that is exactly why I’m talking about cashmere.


One of the major advantages of packing a cashmere throw in your tailgating basket, is it’s adaptability to temperature and the fact that it doesn’t wrinkle easily.  Whether wearing a sweater, or wrapping it around your shoulders in a football stadium, cashmere feels luxurious against your skin. The natural fibers have some stretch, so you can move easily when wearing it. Cashmere is also extremely long lasting. (After all it takes years for it to be produced.)  If it is properly cared for, a cashmere throw will last a lifetime. Be sure to keep it clean because moths love soiled material.

If you are looking for just the right size throw, visit Parachute Home for the most lavish cashmere ever to warm the belly of a goat. Alabama fans will love the Pebble Gray, while the Denim/Pebble Gray will warm Auburn fans down on the plains. Whether in your living room or in a stadium, as you sit wrapped in your cashmere throw, watching your favorite team butt helmets with their rivals; keep this in mind. This lightweight fabric that is keeping your belly just the right temperature, was the under belly of a goat on the other side of the world, a few years or decades ago, depending on your size. I am counting my 4,000 goats as one of my most precious blessings this Fall.

Counting Goats

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