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Planning to See Alaska

Welcome to day 2 of my 31 Days of Alaska. This is part of an annual series I participate in through 31 Days, where I choose a theme to write about for 31 days straight. This is my third year to do this and I have to say that when I look back over the last two years, I am encouraged that my content is improving. I have learned so much through this series and others as well and sincerely hope it shows. It means so much that you take 3 minutes out of your day to read what I have to say. I can never express enough gratitude that you do this. I know how precious my own time is and to know that you visit my blog periodically thrills my soul!

So… ONWARD to Alaska. If you are planning to see Alaska in the near future, Mr. Cozi and I have a few tips we’d like to share. Since today is also a Friday, there will be a few fashion tips sprinkled in as well.

  • Consider a travel agent. We heard about the Crown Princess Cruise to Alaska through a sponsor with the magazine I write for and I am so glad we did. John Fugard, with Eastern Shore Travel in Fairhope, AL, helped us book a passage that included a stateroom with a balcony. We might not have done that without him and it proved to be a perfect spot for glacier viewing. He also provided coupons aboard the ship for discounted photos, a complimentary bottle of wine and interpreted the fine print on insurance forms and other issues.
  • Read through the excursions off the ship. It is possible to see Alaska in ways ranging from zip-lining to kayaking or by helicopter and train. Whether you want a birds-eye view or to stand 10 feet from a wild bear, there’s an adventure awaiting you. Read through your options early in order to make the best decisions for your family. Waiting until the last minute could make your choices difficult due to the sheer volume of opportunities.
  • Consult the ship’s schedule. Knowing ahead of time how many formal dinners are planned will help you dress for the occasion.
  • Check weather to see average temperatures during your visit. Websites like Current Results can help you shop and plan what to pack months in advance.

Average September Temperatures

  • Purchase earplanes, chewing gum and podcasts for your flights. We discovered a product called earplanes that helps equalize the pressure in your ears during take-off and especially landing. Downloading podcasts, videos or iBooks entertained us during long flights.
  • Make good choices about your luggage. It might go without saying, but be sure to choose rolling luggage with as many pieces as possible. One of my carry-ons was a shoulder bag that could double as a tote if I needed it, which I didn’t. A backpack-handbag came in very handy and an extra bag for souvenirs helped us make it home with breakables we did not want to check at the airport.
  • Plan your photography. There will be a separate post to cover this, but don’t think you can just throw in your camera and be fine. Alaska offers a lot of challenges.

Canon Power Shot

  • Determine ahead of time what type of souvenirs you will look for. Plastic back-scratchers and what I call “road-kill trinkets” abound and can wreck your budget and luggage space without a plan. Talking this over with children ahead of time can save a few tears or temper tantrums as well.
  • Special occasion plans will make the day extra nice. If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or accomplishment, purchase your cards and gifts ahead of time. Discussing what you want to do on the big day ahead of time could avoid excursion conflicts.
  • Fashion Tips:
  1. Purchase/pack comfortable yet stylish shoes.
  2. Pack layers.
  3. Choose a color scheme in order to pack fewer pieces.

Travel Wardrobe

Have you been on a cruise to Alaska? What is your best planning tip? Please share in the comments.

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