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Our Goal Is To Make Your Life Better

Sorrento, Italy

My first love in Italy was Venezia. My second was Sorrento. If you are planning a trip to Italy, don’t miss this gem on the

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Favorite Hangouts in SoHo

As empty nesters, we now ask for a table for two in some of our favorite hangouts. However, while we miss our kiddos, we’re beginning to

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Childhood Memories

While driving home from a business trip with Mr. Cozi, we stopped at a traffic light behind this truck. It immediately took me back to

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Beach Reflections at the Zoo

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of participating in another photography class. This class is taught by Diane Davis and Fonda Thomas of Beach Reflections in

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From Venice to Florence

My answer to this graffiti is, of course, that you can’t hang a tourists’ head on your wall as a trophy.  This “artist” was one of

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Not-so-Magic Marker

We moved into La Bella Vita (my Italian name for mia casa) four years ago. This not-so-magic marker mishap has been here all this time

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Fashion Friday: Italy

On today’s Fashion Friday, I’m sharing some photos from our trip to Italy. My daughter’s observation while walking through Venice was, “The men here seem

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Living Room Challenge

A  few days ago, I asked What Would You Do in This Room? And today, I am continuing this room survey with a Living Room Challenge. As I

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