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8 Ideas for Fall Decor

As the North Pole continues it’s shift away from the sun, our days will begin to get cooler and crisper. As a result, I love

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A Landscaping Dream

Fall is here and it’s time to think about bulbs to plant, fall foliage trips, and when to purchase mums and pumpkins for the porch.

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Dealer in Purple Cloth

  I’ve met a successful business woman who inspires me. She’s a family woman. She is a great hostess. She knows her business inside and

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Passwords with Power

While searching for something completely different on Pinterest, I stumbled upon this post from Mauricio Estrella. With his permission, I have copied and pasted it in it’s

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Growing Pains

To my nearest and dearest faithful readers, Do you remember waking up at night with that ache in your legs as a child? Did you, like

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Rainbow Row of Fairhope

While on a walk along Mobile Bay recently, I stumbled upon this beautiful site. These lovely ladies meet here once a week. They bring their

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The Best is Yet to Be

On September 5th Mr. Cozi and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. He is (almost) perfect and stretched himself a little closer by planning our celebration

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The Style We Choose

Every day of the week and twice on Sundays, we ladies go to our closet and choose an outfit. The style we choose   Sometimes

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Wind, Reel and Print

Mr. Cozi and I recently attended the Birmingham Sidewalk Film Festival. We learned a thing or two and visited some places that we’d never been –

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What Knot to Wear

Today’s Fashion Friday is my attempt at tying up a few loose ends. Last week’s feature, A Fashion Wrap with my friend, Lorraine of Clamco, sparked an interest

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Horoscopes for the 50+ Woman

Have you ever wondered why fashion magazines have a horoscope column? As an avid reader of fashion magazines, I sometimes check out my horoscope –

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Touring through Blogland

I was invited by a sweet friend  to take a “tour through blogland,” so, since I love to travel I quickly said, “yes, of course, I

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A Fashion Wrap

Headscarves are worn by women for many reasons. They’ve been worn for centuries for religious reasons, to keep warm in the winter, and for sanitary

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MeMe’s Proudest Moment

Allow me to introduce you to a new Grand Ideas feature. Harriet Sue and I went to grammar school together and then she moved away. Years

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