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What Knot to Wear

Today’s Fashion Friday is my attempt at tying up a few loose ends. Last week’s feature, A Fashion Wrap with my friend, Lorraine of Clamco, sparked an interest in scarves. In fact, I had a record number of comments from that post which encouraged me to try a headscarf, too. So, on a day when I was in a huge hurry, I chose what knot to wear and headed out the door.  I have to say a huge thank you to Lorraine for awakening me to the many ways there are of wearing scarves. I’ve decided that on days when I am staying in or running a quick errand and don’t want to do my hair, a headscarf is the way to go.

The first tutorial I want to share teaches us how to tie scarves from a vintage perspective. See if you recognize any of these styles.


And, this lovely cancer survivor shows us a really sporty way to wear a scarf. I love the fact that she developed one way to wear a scarf that suited her and wore them all the same way. She had her own signature look while undergoing chemo. What a trooper! She is an inspiration to us all, in that she put her makeup on everyday – no matter how bad she was feeling.


These looks will inspire you and perhaps you’ll want to rush out to purchase a few. If so, check out Chico’s video before you go.



And now you know what knot to wear.


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