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A Fashion Wrap

Headscarves are worn by women for many reasons. They’ve been worn for centuries for religious reasons, to keep warm in the winter, and for sanitary purposes in kitchens. During the 1960’s Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn brought scarves to the public eye as a fashion wrap.

Grace Kelly


They are also worn because of modesty and it is my extreme pleasure to share a story of such modesty with you today. My newest friend and fellow blogger, Lorraine, has been wearing scarves for years, but she rarely talks about them. They are not a finishing touch or an accessory. She wears them with purpose. So, when I asked her recently to share her story and she graciously agreed, I was so very touched. It is her hope that sharing this will benefit someone who may be walking in her shoes.

“After battling thinning hair most of my life, I had one of those moments where I had to make a decision about how to deal with it in a way that would work for me. I had tried custom hairpieces, I had two expensive hair transplant surgeries, I used hair makeups and topical treatments for years, but my hair continued to thin. My life revolved around my hair and I was very self conscious about it. I noticed that when people talked to me, their eyes would go to my hairline which made me so uncomfortable. I avoided sitting under lights or standing in direct sun and I hated going out when it was windy or raining. A turning point in my life came when I got my first dog which meant taking her for walks outside daily. That’s when I decided to throw all the lotions and potions away and free myself from the burden of my hair. I made a choice to wear headscarves and never turned back. I no longer fear wind, rain, humidity or direct sunlight on my head.”


Knowing that she wears them every day, I asked, “How many do you own?” 

I actually never counted, but I have enough to go a couple of months without wearing the same one twice.

Any funny stories to tell about your scarves?

I’ve been asked if I was a gypsy or if I was Jewish, but the most memorable story I have about my headscarves is more scary than funny. I was stopped by airport security at the Philadelphia Airport. You can read that story here:


What are they made of? 

 They are all cotton, which is breathable of course, and they wash and wear very well.

Who first introduced you to head scarves?

I started out wearing stretchy headbands originally. Then as my hair loss spread, I wore Buffs, (similar to what you see them wearing on Survivor) I also tried wearing traditional bandannas, but they were uncomfortable because of the knot in back, plus they weren’t very flattering. I found commercially made headscarves with the elastic back on eBay and eventually found the nicer handmade versions on Etsy. I buy them from a few different sellers and sometimes I send them my own fabric for custom made ones.

Are they hot, itchy or do they give you headaches? 

I don’t find them hot or itchy. I have a few that are a little tight and those give me a headache, but most are very comfortable and some have a little stretch to them.

How do you care for them? Do you have to iron them?

I either hand wash them or put them in the gentle cycle and hang them to dry. I never put them in the dryer and  I don’t iron them. If they’re a little wrinkly, I’ll give them a light spritz with a water bottle.

Have you ever designed your own?

I sometimes send an Etsy seller my own fabric for custom headscarves. Of course, I ask them first.

Coffee Scarves

I had a special one made with Hershey Kisses fabric for when I ran in a Hershey Half Marathon in 2010. I work as a lunch lady in a cafeteria so I had some holiday themed ones made as well.

Describe your fashion style.

Since I don’t really think I have a fashion style, I guess I’ll have to go with casual. I like to be as comfortable as possible. I love living in the south for that reason because flip flops and capris are my thing. I don’t like wearing accessories like big necklaces or scarves around my neck and I really hate carrying a handbag. I wear a hip clip that holds my phone and cash so I’m hands free. I like to feel light and as unencumbered as possible.


How do you select the scarves to compliment your wardrobe?

Because my headscarves are all patterned, I just wear a coordinating solid color shirt and a pair of earrings. I pretty much panic when I hear the words “formal occasion.”


This sweet lady is totally selfless in sharing this story. She is draped in modesty to cover her thinning hair. But, with such class and compassion for women like her, she has shown us all how to keep our chin up.  Untie yourself from your burdens and never look back. 

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