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Footprints Only Please

On a recent trip to a Florida beach, this sign kinda tugged at my heartstrings, so I thought I’d ask you a couple of querstions (as my daddy pronounces it). What comes to mind when you read these words?

Footprints Only

They are asking me to deposit my trash in the bins and not leave it on the beach. But, what if you opened your front door to me with this request?  Come in, stay awhile. But, please leave only your footprints as you leave! What would the history of my footprints tell you about me? Where have you heard my footsteps pass in your life? As we’ve heard the poem “Footprints in the Sand” quoted many times, I share with you that I know the places where He had to carry me.  Only His footprints were left in the sand.  They have become spiritual markers in my life for which I can now thank Him. But, in all honesty, I’ve kicked more sand than I care to admit. And yet, He has very gently deposited all of my trash in the bin, and not left it strewn all over my past. It and all my future trash has been hauled away.

What a comforting thought! My trash no longer matters, but my footprints do.

Footprints Only

And as we hear so much today about leaving a small carbon footprint, I can’t help but think; more than footprints, should we focus more on leaving our fingerprints?   They are smaller yes, but much more intimate. Who has left the most intimate fingerprints on the hourglass of your life?

Footprints Only

If I had not heard these tiny little thrashers in the sea oats, I would’ve missed them. Big name. Small creature. Even smaller footprint that is left by walking, running and sometimes hopping. That is my prayer for us today. May our footprints include hopping…

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