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31 Days of Alaska

If you love travel, then see Alaska! Mr. Cozi and I just returned from our 35-year-wedding-anniversary trip which included a cruise to Alaska. I’m telling everyone, “You must go!” There is so much beauty in what God created in our 49th state, that I’ve decided to write about it in my annual 31 day writing challenge. For the month of October every post will be related to 31 Days of Alaska and our side trip through Washington and Oregon. Here are a few points that I will cover over the next month:

  • Planning tips
  • Packing for a trip with cold and warm weather
  • Photography Tips
  • A Review of Princess Cruise Lines
  • Formal Nights on the Ship
  • Excursion Do’s and Don’ts

Once we were back on land, we took a side trip through Seattle and Oregon Wine Country. I’ll include these ideas and suggestions:

  • Take a Walking Tour through Seattle
  • Wine Tour near Seattle
  • Staying in a Bed and Breakfast
  • Wine Tour through the beautiful, “Tuscan-like” state of Oregon.
  • And SO much more!!!!

Please join me and feel free to ask questions if you are planning a trip to this breath-taking area of the country. I can’t wait to re-live the trip with all of you and I hope you will find lots of useful information if you are thinking of seeing Alaska!

31 Days of Alaska

Day 1: Introduction

Day 2: Planning to See Alaska

Day 3: Packing List for Alaskan Cruise

Day 4: A Princess Cruise Review

Day 5: The Princess All-Inclusive Beverage Package

Day 6: How Not to Gain Weight on a Cruise

Day 7:Whale Watching & Wildlife Quest

Day 8: Art Auction on the Crown Princess

Day 9: Thrifting for an Alaskan Cruise

Day 10: Jewelry Shopping in Alaska

Day 11: Ketchikan, AK

Day 12: Photo Gallery of Skagway, AK

Day 13: Formal Night on the Crown Princess

Days 14-31 are coming soon.


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