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Travel and Other Adventures

Adoption, Morning Has Broken

Yesterday’s post was the story of Eric’s adoption into Anna and Jacob’s family. Today I share with you the hope and anticipation of another set

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Message in a Whisper

Sometimes messages come in a whisper Over 100 Baldwin County women attended an Impact 100 meeting last night and I am so proud to say I

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Two Umbrellas

I’ve never written about art or any artist in particular (other than to point out a favorite), but on Friday at Fairhope’s First Friday Art

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Chrisley Knows Best

OMG, have you seen this show? If you are a southern parent, you have to watch Chrisley Knows Best. You will love and hate Chrisley

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Who’s Ready for This?

After a day in the sunshine, I thought I’d just throw this question out there for contemplation. Who’s ready for a little of this? Who’s

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