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Travel and Other Adventures

Growing Pains

To my nearest and dearest faithful readers, Do you remember waking up at night with that ache in your legs as a child? Did you, like

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The Best is Yet to Be

On September 5th Mr. Cozi and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. He is (almost) perfect and stretched himself a little closer by planning our celebration

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Horoscopes for the 50+ Woman

Have you ever wondered why fashion magazines have a horoscope column? As an avid reader of fashion magazines, I sometimes check out my horoscope –

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Touring through Blogland

I was invited by a sweet friend  to take a “tour through blogland,” so, since I love to travel I quickly said, “yes, of course, I

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Fun Beach Photos

While at the beach with my family, we decided to have a family photo session. The following photos are just an example of how much

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Childhood Memories

While driving home from a business trip with Mr. Cozi, we stopped at a traffic light behind this truck. It immediately took me back to

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