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Finding Your Blogging Voice

I am still a toddler when it comes to blogging, with this baby only being 1-year-old this past July. It has been a labor of love complete with contractions, pushing and lots of screaming. But, just like in real labor, I’ve forgotten some of the pain as I’ve fallen in love with the infant laying in my arms.

When my babies were infants, I was mesmerized by the oooing and gurgling sounds they made even during the wee hours of feeding time. And then as they grew and started forming words…well, you know! That first word was magic and you never forget it. My son’s was kit-kit-kat. Yes, not momma or daddy, but kit-kit-kat. And my daughter’s first word was her brother’s name, pronounced a-ene. I guess she heard it more than ours! ūüėČ Regardless, we will never forget their first words.

I hope you’ve forgotten some of my first words, as some of them make little sense due to long, drawn-out articles that might make some¬†wish I was mute. But, I am finding my voice and thought I might share a few things I’ve learned for new bloggers.

One mistake that I’ve made along the way, is¬†wanting to write like other bloggers. I fall in love with a particular style or personality and think my content will be better if it sounds a bit like SuzyQ’s. More times than not, it is those posts that I’m least satisfied with. The voice or tone of your blog needs to be none other than your own. I am no expert, but I’m constantly reading and learning, and enjoy sharing what I learn. A few examples of voices¬†used in writing fiction are:


If you are a drama queen or king, then this is your voice. You will have the gift of taking everyday rituals and turning them into riveting posts.


If you are a take-charge, ready to take-on-the-day, courageous person who wants to write commentary Рpolitical or religious in nature, then this is your voice. You may be able to increase your readership with a variety of strategies to create controversy or  perhaps reach a consensus with your readers.

If your prose is more poetic in nature, then you have a lyrical voice. Your rhythm and sense of structure will help you find your niche among the more narrative muses.
And last, but certainly not least, is the matter-of-fact voice. Giving instructions on how to build a railroad car or a simple recipe, lends you toward the matter of fact voice.
Am I inferring here that we¬†have to write with one voice in all of our¬†posts? Absolutely not. But, just like they teach you in writing class, choose one voice for each individual post (as if it were a character in a book) and stick to it. This is something I may have to go back and edit, since some of my early posts were more oo’s and gurgles in nature.
Whatever you do, if you love it, keep writing. Push yourself to improve your craft. You will find your voice, even if, as you grow, there’s a temporary crack or two with the vocal chords. And, hopefully that adolescent¬†tone will turn into a deeper, more distinct and close-to-perfect pitch.
And trust me, you’ll forget the pain of blog-birth as your “bl-aby” develops its own language. Just be sure to interpret where needed. (Bl-aby=blog+baby.)

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