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Happy New Year from CoziNest

Last year was a year of great, as well as difficult times and extreme sadness. As I began looking back at the ups and downs of CoziNest in 2014, I decided that I must say thank you for your support and wish you a very Happy 2015! In review…

Top 5 Post Views:

#1 Birmingham, AL – True Survivors had almost 2,000 views on the first day. This post was in response to an article in the LA Times accusing southerners of not being able to function in 2 inches of snow. This from Los Angeles. “A city that wouldn’t know a snowflake from a cornflake.”

No major traffic issues?

#2 in views was another tragedy with the death of our dear friends Russ & Karen Musgrove, reminding me and all of my friends to Keep in Touch.

Keep In Touch

God, in His mysterious ways, led the Musgrove children to the devotion Karen read the morning of her death – on the topic of Loss. What an incredible sense of comfort that brought to the kids and then a month later to a few of her dear friends. Denise (center white dress) was kind enough to track down that out-of-print book called Comfort for Women and give a copy to those of us who want to keep Karen close in our hearts. As we opened our gifts in her lovely home, Denise read the entry that Karen had read the morning of her death. We had a surprisingly fun time remembering her laughter and the good times we had together. Definitely one of my favorite gifts this year.

#3 From here, we travel back in time to July with a Fashion Friday post, Southern Beauty, all about my friend, Rhoda Vickers from Southern Hospitality Blog.

Rhoda white outfit

#4 was a southern beauty with a comic twist. If you’ve not watched yet, join the other 1,000’s of viewers who love Christley Knows Best.

Christley Knows Best

#5 And completing the top 5 includes my favorite middle sister. How to Look Pretty in an Ugly Christmas Sweater has had my top number of views on Pinterest and has, in turn, increased my following in a record number of days.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

As I’ve looked over my numbers for 2014, I’ve decided that I’m either doing something a little bit right, or you are the best friends in the universe… or both.  The number of countries visiting my site increased 80% in the last 12 months, with the most visits from the US, Canada and Brazil. How fun is that! Facebook is my top referrer with my sweet friend, Linda, from Coastal Charm running a very close second. Thanks, Linda!!! My most popular day of the week is Friday which thrills me for my Fashion Friday fans.

Happy New Year my dear friends! Thank you so much for your support in 2014. I so appreciate your condolences, your encouragement, comments and subscriptions. You are the reason I love blogging so very much!! Keep Calm in 2015 and Click On.


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