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Travel and Other Adventures

Wedding Weekends

Tomorrow my nephew will be a groom, my sister will walk the aisle as the “mother of the groom” and we will be celebrating with

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People Watching

People argue in public. People need hotel rooms instead of movie theatre seats. People wear clothes that don’t fit their bodies. People do things that

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Push Presents

While reading a recent article in B-Metro, I discovered the newest thang with some young mothers. I have to warn you that this may be a

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Featured #SoMe2 Blogger

Today, I am the featured blogger on the #SoMe2 Social Media link-up party. I am so honored to be part of this. For bloggers, having

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Dippity Do

A recent article by Rick Bragg in Southern Living had his mother threatening to “fry an egg in dippity do” if she couldn’t find her much-loved

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Generosity in Our Sleep

I’ve not shared this yet, but those who know my family personally will already know that my precious brother-in-law, Dave, has recently been diagnosed with

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