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Dippity Do

A recent article by Rick Bragg in Southern Living had his mother threatening to “fry an egg in dippity do” if she couldn’t find her much-loved lard to add to greens and everything else from the garden. While I totally understood the article on the subject of good old-fashioned lard, it got me to thinking about my almost-forgotten Dippity Do.

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Having the “gift” of naturally kinky hair, I remember trying many products during the 1970’s to tame my frizz. Alberto’s V05, Hot Oil Treatments – but never lard! I did, however, on those setting-with-rollers nights, use Dippity Do. After a thorough shampooing with Revlon’s Flex Shampoo and Conditioner, I would apply this styling gel one section at a time and roll up my hair, pinning the curler with a bobby pin. Then I would stretch a bonnet over my head, hoping the curlers would stay put, and insert the hose to the back of the cap. I would sit under my portable hair dryer for hours (I have a lot of hair!) with the hope and prayer of having Farrah Fawcett hair for school the next day.

Flex Shampoo and Conditioner

Listening to my AM/FM radio with the brand spanking new feature “Sleep” that would miraculously turn itself off when you set it do so was like so futuristic! I would fall asleep while studying geometry, praying that this particular formula would “do me a solid” and smooth my frizzies away. While I may never have been mistaken for Farrah Fawcett, I did get the curls I wanted. And it happened with a little product that makes you want to sing Dippity-do-dah, Dippity-A… my oh my what a wonderful day!


Frosted Hair with Dippity Do

I don’t recommend using it to fry eggs, though.

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