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Thriving in an Empty Nest

Sometimes I’m late. Being prompt is something I am constantly working on, therefore this post fits right in with my personality.

Big Ben

I began this blog nine months ago with the intention of writing about thriving in an empty nest. My youngest is a senior in college and the oldest is 29 and living in New York City.

Ospry Nest

An empty nest can be a terribly depressing time if you don’t prepare for it. I am a very blessed woman in that I am married to a man who is determined that our empty nest stage of life is going to be every bit as fun as our childrearing days. That is what this blog is all about… Sharing how we can stay focused on each other, fill our time, minds and nest with fun, continuing education, hobbies and travel.

So whether I’m touring England, birdwatching in Gulf Shores, following fashion for ladies over 50 or taking photography lessons, I want to share it with those who are aiming to have a happy, empty nest.

Fashion Over 50

As I’ve learned many times in my life, it’s all in my attitude. I can embrace the empty nest and make the most of it; or, I can sit on the edge of my nest watching the horizon. I’d rather have a birds eye view.

Parasailing in Gulf Shores


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