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Enjoy Our City!

Sometimes I forget peoples’ names. There have been times when, like Chevy Chase in Fletch, I make up names. “Jay, this is Mr. Sindelinlin”, or another time it might be, “it’s good to see you again Dr. Rosenscrotum.” Fortunately, however, most people have seen this movie and would know exactly what I’m doing and laugh with me.

Chevy Chase

I recently did something that may go down in family history as THE funniest opportunity to laugh at me instead of with me. Yes, I’m telling the world because it is funny, even if it is at my expense. However, I didn’t forget this sweet lady’s name….

A few weeks ago I was in the middle of a Fashion Friday photo shoot and needed something from my car. I ran out the door toward my car and passed a woman on the phone, sitting on a bench outside of a restaurant. I thought to myself, “she looks familiar,” but went on to my car, walked back passed her and into the shop where the shoot was happening. It was really bugging me that I knew her and didn’t speak to her.

So, minutes later I was finished with the shoot and started back to my car. This pretty, blonde, slender woman was still sitting on the bench and it dawned on me who it was. (Or so I thought.) Those of you who are familiar with Southern Hospitality Blog have seen the pretty picture of the writer, Rhoda. Well, I’m a bit luckier, in that I have met her in person and therefore I KNOW what she looks like.

Well, I got so excited, thinking, “what is Rhoda doing in Fairhope?” I then approached this pretty lady who looked up from her phone call, and said, “Hey, Kim.” That confirmed it. It is Rhoda! So, I said, “It is you Rhoda!” and hugged her neck. She was still on the phone, so I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt anymore than I had already, so I said, “it is so good to see you, but I won’t interrupt your call, I just wanted to hug your neck.” She said it was good to see me too and I walked away, encouraging her to “enjoy our city!”

I immediately got in my car and texted another blogger with the news that I had just hugged Rhoda’s neck right here in Fairhope, AL. I promptly got the reply that my friend had just seen a picture of Rhoda on Instagram dated that day and that Rhoda was in Nashville, TN.

Well, one of us had to be wrong…. so who the heck had I just gushed over, called the wrong name and told to “enjoy our city.”

A day or two later I am still lamenting over my mishap and wondering who in the world it was. So I texted my blogger friend again and asked her if she would see a mutual friend of ours at church that weekend. She replied, “is that who you hugged?” OH, how embarrassing! “Unfortunately, I don’t know, but would you ask her if she’s seen me lately and then please take up for me – your senile friend?”

Turns out, yes, it was Beth, a friend that I’ve known since we lived here in the 90’s and who has lived here all her life. I played Bunko with her, and even sat next to her at the pool last year. She’s been “enjoying our city” most of her life.

My blogger-friend sent me the sweetest note, saying I couldn’t have confused a nicer person. So, that’s comforting. Right? We were both confused.

On the bright side, at least I didn’t call her Mrs. Rosenscrotum.


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