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Message in a Whisper


Sometimes messages come in a whisper

Over 100 Baldwin County women attended an Impact 100 meeting last night and I am so proud to say I was one of them. You can read all about this non-profit organization with the above link. I know that becoming a member of this organization is going to be a life changing event in my life and I will be writing more about it in the future.

For today, I will share a quote from one of the speakers last night that has been echoing in my mind over night and first thing this morning.

“Your life is your message.”

That’s it. Just one sentence, in the middle of a speech that I could have missed if I weren’t listening. It was almost a whisper, but profound, and so true.

What does your life tell about you? We make thousands of decisions, and perform millions of tiny little tasks across the span of a lifetime that tell our story, what do yours tell others about you? What will your legacy be?

I am on a spiritual journey that is different from any in my 40 years of being part of the royal family. You can read here how I came to know my KING. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, but I’m struggling to keep up with Him at this point in my journey. You see, I believe that just like the revolution of earth, there are seasons in our spiritual journey. Sometimes we are in season and sometimes we are out. There are times when we are facing the Son and times when our face is hidden. And, it is all in His divine plan.

I have been a church-goer my whole life, until about 2 years ago.

Empty Pew

Circumstances that brought about the need to travel back and forth between our coastal home and Birmingham interrupted that time of corporate worship. For a time, I really missed my church family. And then, it happened. My husband and I got into a routine of completing some of those above mentioned tasks on the weekends. Some things were mundane household chores, some were fun, exciting adventures that are now part of a very happy memory.

Waterfront Arts Center

So what message is this part of my life telling about me?

I still love my Lord. Prayer is sporadic and honestly, even a struggle on most days, but I am comforted knowing that when I can’t pray, the Spirit prays for me. (Romans 8:26)

whisper from a Prayer Bench

And the thing I want to take to heart from last night’s message in a whisper is this….

It’s my whole life that is my message, not any one part by itself. There is no guilt in that. There is no conviction in that. Jesus took care of it all on the cross. His whole life including the eternal one, is His message. From His part in creation, His lowly birth in a manger,

Birth of Jesus

His eagerness to stay behind in the temple at the age of 12 or so,


His occupation as a carpenter, His relationships with the disciples, His dealings with authority, His righteous anger at the money changers, His love and compassion for sinners and His excruciatingly painful death

Crown of Thorns.jpg

and joyous resurrection are all recorded for us to see a message in The Life.

As we approach the most joyous of all holidays, I want to leave you with this message. Easter is about The Life and how we embrace Him. It doesn’t matter where you were born or into what circumstances. At some point in your life, spend time in the temple and remember that He is now our tabernacle. In all occupations, we are busy building something. Relationships are remembered. Some anger is righteous. Love others as yourself. And even if our death or the death of a loved one is painful, the resurrection with THE LIFE is joy unspeakable.

We are all like thirsty sheep. Drink from the Fountain of Life.

Thirsty Lamb

Your life is your message. Share it with me.

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