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Beach Reflections at the Zoo

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of participating in another photography class. This class is taught by Diane Davis and Fonda Thomas of Beach Reflections in

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Birthday Bucket Lists

I recently stumbled upon a Birthday Bucket List and thought it was a great idea. The list I found was 50 Things to Do Before Your Next

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A Bridge on Good Friday

A Bridge on Good Friday Colossians 1:15-20  Kim, thank you for asking me to be a guest blogger on CoziNest.   I am honored by your

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Thank You

On this gorgeous Saturday morning, I am checking my stats from the beach. I want to say a great big THANK YOU! My little blog

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It Pollened Last Night

I know the birds and bees love it, but pollen has become another nasty chore around our house. Cleaning pollen has become an annual major

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Message in a Whisper

Sometimes messages come in a whisper Over 100 Baldwin County women attended an Impact 100 meeting last night and I am so proud to say I

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I Want to be Me

I want to be me.  Yep, all of my imperfections, quirky likes and dislikes, strange and sarcastic sense of humor as well as my sense

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