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Preparing the Nest for Adoption

The last two days have been filled with news of adoption, dreams, wishes and waiting. It is heavy on my heart, so today is a simple list for those who are waiting. Some of these things I did during my struggle with infertility. Some I wish I’d thought about back then.

*8 Things to do to make your nest cozy while waiting for your chicks to hatch.

Be Still and Know that I am God.

  1. Write your thoughts and prayers in a journal.
  2. Create a prayer journal with pictures of other families praying through infertility or the adoption process. Pray for them daily.
  3. Begin a fundraising project.
  4. Decorate, decorate, decorate. Once you know, the news is good, decorate your future child’s room in a theme that compliments the likes, culture and style of their home country.
  5. If the adoptee is an older child, create a photo album with family history to introduce the child to the family. Be sure to add as many pictures of the child as you can get.
  6. Collect recipes and/or cookbooks that are culturally beneficial.
  7. Invite other adoptive/infertile couples into your home for social and/or support group activities.
  8. Read as many books as possible on subjects that will help with the wait and the first few days with your new baby/child.

If you’ve been through the process and have other tips, please share them.

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