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Vintage Jewelry Repurposed

Repurpose Vintage Jewelry


Vintage Jewelry Repurposed

Open your childhood jewelry box. The past dances around your mind just like the little ballerina in your jewelry box. The pieces are valuable to you. But, if you try to sell them? Well, not so much. So how do you repurpose your vintage jewelry? Here are a few ideas.

book marks

Repurpose vintage earrings into beautiful bookmarks. These make great gifts to the elderly in home health care institutions. Use velvet ribbons to coordinate with the earbobs. In addition, you can also use them to add bling to a collection of tattered books.


Vintage Watches

A collection of watch faces attached to vintage neck chains make a bold statement.


Watch Faces for Lockets

A similar idea is to add a vintage photo to an empty watch. As a result, you will draw attention to that special someone.

Vintage Jewelry Repurposed

Vintage Bracelets

Vintage brooches or earrings make beautiful bracelets. Repurpose something tacky when worn alone by pairing it with other pretty pieces.


Bottle Toppers

Ordinary bottles decorated with French labels and costume jewelry make a striking presentation on a vanity. Add vintage ribbon for a finishing touch.


A peek inside an old jewelry box floods the mind with memories. What a sweet way to cherish those memories. Repurpose your vintage jewelry. And, finally, if you need an idea for jewelry storage, click here.

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