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Toasting the Happy Couple with Waterford Champagne Flutes

Whether toasting the happy couple with a Champagne Coupe, Flute or stemless glass, when she says yes, it’s time to sip and salute. There is no shortage of glass styles in which to pour your bubbly; you have choices from plastic to Waterford. On our baby girl’s proposal night, we opted for Waterford. Join me as I share a very important night from the rim of a crystal flute.



toast the happy couple




Toasting the Happy Couple

Our small family gathered around to celebrate the beginning of another adventure. Josh got down on one knee earlier in the day. Amy said yes.

With the goal of making this night one to embrace and remember,  a traditional proposal in a favorite Italian restaurant got things off to a sweet start. The world’s finest crystal, Waterford  offered a smooth transition from girlfriend to fiancé. The cocktail menu was simple. We toasted the couple with a favorite sparkling wine; Le Marca Prosecco from Italy. Perfect finalé to a perfect night.


One Knee

They rushed home to share the news with us, as well as a few family members who were waiting to hear how he did it.




The Happy Couple


We all gushed over her very beautiful and unique “salt and pepper” diamond. It is so Amy. Not like any engagement rings you’ll see on any other fingers. Great job, Josh!


Salt and Pepper Diamond


The whole room was bubbling with excitement, so the two fathers prepared to salute their children. A toast to their future happiness.


Waterford, a Celestial Part of the Future


Gift wrap


They opened their first gift.


opening gift


Unwrapping Flutes


By the look on their faces, I think they were pleased with the flutes. These very special glasses are to be used on every wedding occasion from here until January 11, 2020. After opening, my niece took them to rinse out before the toast, and chanted, “I will guard these with my life. Guard these with me life. Guard these with my life!” all the way to the kitchen. Precious gems for a special couple. A gift that will be part of many celebrations to come.

Raise your glass along with us, as we celebrate Josh and Amy.


Waterford Champagne Flutes

“To the happy couple. May your ups be more than your downs and may your love for each other grow daily. To the moon and back!!!”


To The Moon

Hear. Hear!




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