Gardening Accents at the Daphne Antique Galleria

Gardening 101

I heard a story once about creation. The devil approaches God and says, “I can create a Garden of Eden just as easy as you can!” God says, “Ok, show me.” So the devil starts to gather his materials. God interrupts him and says, “Oh no, wait just a minute! You have to get your own dirt!”

Get Your Own Dirt

At the Daphne Antique Galleria, we have almost everything you need to create your own “Eden”. But, you will have to get your own dirt. 😉 Here are a few examples of how to add the Spirit of Loveliness to your garden. And you can find everything in the mall.

Gardening Accents

Antique Icebox Outdoor Bar

This rustic, vintage icebox would make a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. Add your favorite beverages, ice, glasses and a few bar tools and you’ll have the perfect outdoor, farmhouse bar. DEALER: pel

Watering Cans

DEALER: bcc has watering cans, flower pots and this lovely St. Francis birdfeeder.

St. Francis Birdfeeder


Large Trough

Use this farmhouse trough as a planter, cooler or add a piece of glass to the top for a unique console table. DEALER: ewh

pelican art

These large pelicans would be the perfect “yard art” if you live on the bay. Or add them to your boathouse, pier or patio. DEALER: cab

Rocking Chair

Add a pair of rocking chairs to your porch, pour a glass of sweet tea and enjoy the view of your Eden. DEALER: coz

3 tiered stand

A 3-tiered, metal stand with mirrored shelves would make a lovely addition to a screened porch. DEALER: bhb

Carriage Seat

This quaint, antique carriage seat may not be here long. It’s the perfect size for a balcony or gazebo. It would also look divine on my screened porch with pillows and a couple of ferns flanking the sides. Hurry in before I snatch it! DEALER: cab


Place this lovely birdbath on your porch as a side table or planter. The blues and yellow tones are the perfect colors for a southern veranda. DEALER: lou

rustic tea cart

Roll this rustic tea cart into your garden and layer it with ferns, begonias or geraniums. Add a birdhouse or a lantern like the one below for more farmhouse decor. DEALER: jsc

whitewashed lantern


A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

Gardening Cherub

This cute little cherub would be the perfect guardian over your garden. Set amidst a ground cover or bed filled with blooming perennials would be heaven on earth. DEALER: bhb

I’ll leave you with a few chuckles found on Garden Digest:

  • When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it.  If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.
  • Wanted:  Man to take care of cow that does not smoke or drink.
  • “The best way to garden is to put on a wide-brimmed straw hat and some old clothes.  And with a hoe in one hand and a cold drink in the other, tell somebody else where to dig.”
    –  Texas Bix Bender, Don’t Throw in the Trowel  
  • God made rainy days, so gardeners could get the housework done.
  • How do you know you are a Master Gardener?
    There is a decorative compost container on your kitchen counter.
    You would rather go to a nursery to shop than a clothing store.
    You prefer gardening to watching television.
    You plan vacation trips to arboretums and public parks.
    Dirt under your fingernails and calloused palms are matters of pride.

While sipping your sweet tea in your porch rocker, whisper a plea to THE MASTER GARDENER to bless your garden.  What better garden accent than a blessing from heaven!

Farmhouse Elegance

Rumor has it that the next generation of homemakers are not into fine china, silver and crystal for their farmhouse tables. What a shame! I think adding a few rustic pieces with your china or silver service makes a unique table. Here are a few examples:

Vintage Farmhouse Elegance for the Modern Table

Silver Biscuit Jar

A silver biscuit jar mixed with everyday china can hold soup crackers, cookies, ice cream toppings or after dinner mints.


silverplate cream and sugar

This silver-plated cream and and sugar would look fabulous on a silver and gold mixed pattern table.  In addition to cream and sugar, how about a Bailey’s bar set up? Pour your Kahlua, or Baileys in the creamer and for a little different sugar, store miniature marshmallows or chocolate shavings in the sugar bowl.


farmhouse votives

I love these farmhouse votives! Add candles to a formal table with fresh flowers in these vintage bottles, placed in between each votive. Or think outside the candle-box and use these darlings for condiments on a burger or hotdog bar, including relish or pickles. How about M & M’s, walnuts, or Butterfinger shavings for ice cream toppings? You could also use one of these to store your toothpicks, coffee stirrers or sugar packets/cubes.

Set them on your closet shelf and stash away extra safety pins, buttons, or your keys. Design a pretty display of cotton balls, Q-tips or rings and earrings on your bathroom counter.


divided crystal bowl
A divided crystal dish can be used for his and hers items in a small bathroom, or on your farmhouse table for relishes, dips or sauces.


I am not sure just how long these bells will be hanging out at my booth! I’ve already thought of several ways I’d love to use them at home. I’d love to hang the two small ones from a boxwood wreath, sit three of large ones atop books, use as a centerpiece at Christmas on my dining room table, or tie them with a little greenery to a vintage sled to stand on my porch. I’m looking for that sled as we speak!!!


Feeding Trough

And for a more modern look to any farmhouse decor, add succulents to this galvanized feed trough and center on any table. You can also use it for your next picnic and have all of your condiments in one place.

silver bell
And what farmhouse table is complete without a dinner bell? Tie a little red ribbon around the handle and use for any patriotic holiday and of course at Christmas.


Please share your ideas for using vintage pieces with your farmhouse decor. I love getting new ideas!

Day 2: Decorating to Take Your Breath Away

It’s day two of 31 Days of Tabletop Decorating! The focal point of this vignette is the Tarkay painting hanging above the sideboard in our living room.

Tarkay Painting

Itzchak Tarkay passed away in 2012 after a successful career as an Israeli artist.  As a young boy he spent a year in a concentration camp with his family, and yet his paintings all seem happy and cheerful. What an inspiration! We fell in love with his work the minute we saw it, but once we learned the history of his life, it was even more endearing.

Tarkay with Lamps

I added gold contemporary lamps that I purchased from Overstock about a year ago. I fell in love with the shape, the pull chains and white shades.


In my own home, I am a pretty eclectic decorator. If I had to choose one style, I’d say I’m transitional because I love modern, traditional, french and farmhouse. I’ve tried to incorporate all of that into my home in a cohesive way. This farmhouse votive holder is an example.

Lamp, Votive and Greenery

I always accessorize in odd numbers, so this vignette needed one more thing. A little greenery livened things up.

Use favorite books for decorating

On the left side, I chose a few of my all-time favorite books and stacked them as if they’d been randomly added.

Jubilee by Karen Tunks

One of my very favorites was written by my good friend, Karyn Tunks.

The Universe of Peter Max

The top book is autographed by Peter Max, himself and I placed it on top to add color to the tabletop. However, as I stepped back and looked at the overall vignette, the books just didn’t seem aesthetically pleasing.

Add an accessory to stacks of books.

So, I added my gold baubles that I’ve had for years. But it still wasn’t speaking to me! So…

Shorter stack of books works beneath painting.

I removed my very favorite book of all time. Sad. But, it was just too thick. I’m much happier with the size of the grouping and I’ll just have to place “Little Women” somewhere else. See if you agree with the change.

Carefully size a stack of books.

From this…

Tarkay with eclectic accessories.

to this.

I love art history. I love decorating. I always try to add something with meaning to every vignette so when we walk into a room, we relive some wonderful experience. Here there’s a book that was a gift from a friend when we lived in Mississippi, one autographed by an artist we love, one written by a dear friend and the painting purchased on our Alaskan cruise. Isn’t that what decorating is all about? Bringing together memories that take your breath for a second. This vignette may not take anyone’s breath but mine, but that’s ok!  It takes mine.

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