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Farmhouse Elegance

Rumor has it that the next generation of homemakers are not into fine china, silver and crystal for their farmhouse tables. What a shame! I think adding a few rustic pieces with your china or silver service makes a unique table. Here are a few examples:

Vintage Farmhouse Elegance for the Modern Table

Silver Biscuit Jar

A silver biscuit jar mixed with everyday china can hold soup crackers, cookies, ice cream toppings or after dinner mints.


silverplate cream and sugar

This silver-plated cream and and sugar would look fabulous on a silver and gold mixed pattern table.  In addition to cream and sugar, how about a Bailey’s bar set up? Pour your Kahlua, or Baileys in the creamer and for a little different sugar, store miniature marshmallows or chocolate shavings in the sugar bowl.


farmhouse votives

I love these farmhouse votives! Add candles to a formal table with fresh flowers in these vintage bottles, placed in between each votive. Or think outside the candle-box and use these darlings for condiments on a burger or hotdog bar, including relish or pickles. How about M & M’s, walnuts, or Butterfinger shavings for ice cream toppings? You could also use one of these to store your toothpicks, coffee stirrers or sugar packets/cubes.

Set them on your closet shelf and stash away extra safety pins, buttons, or your keys. Design a pretty display of cotton balls, Q-tips or rings and earrings on your bathroom counter.


divided crystal bowl
A divided crystal dish can be used for his and hers items in a small bathroom, or on your farmhouse table for relishes, dips or sauces.


I am not sure just how long these bells will be hanging out at my booth! I’ve already thought of several ways I’d love to use them at home. I’d love to hang the two small ones from a boxwood wreath, sit three of large ones atop books, use as a centerpiece at Christmas on my dining room table, or tie them with a little greenery to a vintage sled to stand on my porch. I’m looking for that sled as we speak!!!


Feeding Trough

And for a more modern look to any farmhouse decor, add succulents to this galvanized feed trough and center on any table. You can also use it for your next picnic and have all of your condiments in one place.

silver bell
And what farmhouse table is complete without a dinner bell? Tie a little red ribbon around the handle and use for any patriotic holiday and of course at Christmas.


Please share your ideas for using vintage pieces with your farmhouse decor. I love getting new ideas!

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