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Style Update in Andalusia, AL

Darlene Real-Higginbotham and I had the pleasure of working with Deb McKathan from Andalusia, AL on a recent style update. She won the makeover by commenting on a recent Fashion Friday post. If you’d like a style update as well, there is a questionnaire on the Fashion Friday page in my header as well as at the end of this post.

We worked with Olivia Jones at JCPenneys, Nicole Amerson at The Grande Salon and Spa and Dana Kennedy with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Deb is a beautiful lady inside and out. She works as a Student Aid helping special needs students and has recently survived a cancer battle that did not damage her sweet spirit at all. Here are her before pictures:

Style Update


Hairstyle Update

The answers to her interview questions tell just how lovely this lady is on the inside as well as out.

CoziNest: Why did you want this style update?

I am ready to look as blessed as I feel! Cancer can be as empowering as it is devastating. It certainly makes you appreciate so much.

How long have you lived in Andalusia? Worked at the school? What is your position and please describe a work day?

I have been working at the school for 5 years and have had many different positions. Most recently I have been the student aid for blind twins and a mobility-challenged student who used a walker and wheel chair in the school. I’ve been a library aid and textbook organizer, as well.  Before that I worked from home for a few years, doing drafting for engineering and surveying firms, and working a produce stand – including picking – so I certainly never looked my best picking peas and loading and unloading watermelons. Before that I worked 21 years at an engineering/surveying firm and did try to take care of my appearance.

Do you mind if I tell your age?

Not at all, I will be 58 on my next birthday which is coming up soon.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include crochet, some art/painting (not as much as I would like), reading, but my favorite is the time with my grandchildren.

Where do you plan to wear your new outfits?

I would like to have something to wear to the grandchildren’s functions – everything from dance recitals to softball games and school functions – like grandparent’s day!

Darlene and Deb Collage

Turquoise Bracelets turquoise necklaces Brown & White

JCPenney Worthington Blouse

Deb at JCPenney


Each of these outfits were put together by Darlene Real Higginbotham and we had tremendous help from Olivia, one of the managers at JCPenney.

JCPenney with Olivia Jones

How long have you been wearing your hair as it is now? After your hairstyle update, please tell me what you think honestly.

My hair has been this way for years – and I’m looking forward to a new style. My granddaughter once told me that she loved my ‘magic hair.’ When I asked her to explain she said that when I am inside my hair is brown and when I go outside it turns white, like magic!”

I couldn’t believe the change with this haircut. I absolutely love it!

And, Deb… it is still ‘magic’ for your granddaughter.

Before Haircut

New Haircut

Deb with Nicole Amerson

Nicole Amerson did an excellent job on her hair and the second cosmetic update.

What do you think of the cosmetics? Will you use them daily or on special occasions?

I was fortunate to have two cosmetic makeovers. Dana Kennedy, a consultant with Mary Kay here in Andalusia did my first and Nicole at The Grand Salon and Spa did it again when I had my haircut. I couldn’t believe the difference with both of them.  I will now be using the skincare products with Mary Kay and the eye shadows on special occasions.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Dana Kennedy worked with Deb to teach her about all the new skin care available with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Her color update was beautiful.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay Cosmetics

We had such a fun day together!

CoziNest, Darlene Real-Higginbotham

And here are the results of a little attention paid to an already-beautiful lady…

Makeover Before and After

Our appreciation to the following:

JCPenney – Andalusia, Alabama – (334) 222-8484 – 922 River Falls St. Andalusia, AL  –  Special thanks to Manager, Tameka Belcher, and Assistant Managers Chris Everidge and Olivia Jones.

Dana Kennedy with Mary Kay Cosmetics –  email: – website: – cell: 205-305-8100

Screenshot 2015-05-29 15.43.01

Nicole Amerson with The Grande Salon and Spa – (334) 222-8100 –  24375 Us Highway 29  Andalusia, AL.

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