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She was Born Yesterday

I’d like to introduce you to …

Fashion Friday

My newborn model. She was born yesterday and her mother is a bride. She is seen here outside her birthplace wearing her birthday suit.

Fashion Friday

My friend and owner of Bliss Bridal, Katie Ward, helped me with the adoption process.

Happy Birthday

I cannot express the excitement I felt when I received the email that she was ready for pick-up.

Lingerie Fashion Friday

Unlike most new mothers, I was ill-prepared and had to bring her home in her birthday suit, but it didn’t take me long to choose her first garment. This is what she will wake up in on her first morning with her new family. (I know it’s a bit cold, but she wanted to show off her neckline and leg post.)

Her life is just beginning and yet, she has many places to see. There is a list of people to meet and yes, she is a fashion diva so there are designers to wear and hats to model. She already has her first photo shoot scheduled and it will be your job to guess where she is and occasionally who she is wearing. But, I get ahead of myself. I’m so excited.

 She was conceived in love during a brainstorming session and has the brightest future ahead of her. We are already beginning to see some of her talents develop and can’t wait to share those with you. She is growing like a weed and before you know it we’ll be sending her off to college.  The only problem is, we will have to fill out paper work along the way, and we have no name for her yet. The whole family has been in on the name search and we’ve come up with a few from which to choose. Keep in mind that her travels will take her all over  – kind of like the old “Where’s Waldo? game.” You will have to tune in here every Friday to see where she is and what she’s been up to. Some Fridays will just be days around the house, but others…. well, let’s just say the sky’s the limit!

Please look over the names below and choose your favorite. Or, you may write in your vote in the “other” category. Her name will be revealed next Friday. Now don’t forget that she is a southern lady who may have been born yesterday, but she did not fall off a turnip truck. Keep it dignified.

If the winner is a local voter, you will have the privilege of having your picture made with her. Those who vote from other parts of the world… well, someday she just might visit you in person with an autographed headshot. (That may prove to be untrue.) In the meantime, you will receive a photo in your inbox of her very first photo shoot.

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