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Allow me to introduce you to another CoziNest professional. Cindy Brown is the owner of OrganizEtc!, where she does everything from organize your cabinets to commissioning artwork for your home. She has been in the organizing/decorating/event planning business for fourteen years and has recently moved from Memphis, TN to Fairhope, AL.

We have a mutual friend who shared her phone number with me, saying, “Call Cindy, you are going to love her!” Well, Teresa, you were so right! After 3 meetings, I am so excited to share that she will be contributing here on CoziNest at least once per month beginning today. After helping clients such as Stephen Seagall and other celebrities in Memphis, I count it a double privilege to be working with such a sweet, friendly and knowledgeable lady.

The funny part of this story is that I invited Cindy over to brainstorm ideas for the neighborhood magazine for which I write. I had ideas about featuring my screened porch and a few outdoor projects in the magazine, but after one visit, I have decided I need her to be working in my closets and cabinets first. I thought I was organized. We started in two kitchen cabinets.

Don’t judge me! I’m not the only one who unloads the dishwasher in our house!

Food Storage Containers

Cindy got down in my floor, pulled everything out and had me match every container to its lid. Once again, to my surprise, we had a few extras.


And then she began to work her magic.

Mixing Bowls

All mixing bowls were stored together.

Storing Containers by Shape

Shapes of containers were organized and stored WITH their lids.

Glad storage

Lid Storage

She didn’t encourage me to get rid of my Glad storage containers like I thought she might. Instead, she made sure all the lids fit properly and stored square, rectangle and round together.

Bowl Storage

Storing Colanders & Mixing Bowls

I had all of my colanders together, but I didn’t think of putting colanders and mixing bowls in the same cabinet. She also placed my salad-dressing jars in the same cabinet for when I mix them together. It makes perfect sense!

Food Storage Containers

These cabinets look 100% better! Now on to the drawer she tackled that I’ve put off since we moved in. It had become our “hobby” drawer. It was filled with all sorts of “future” projects.

Hobby Drawer

After going through all of our “hobby supplies,” we moved the things I wanted to keep to a closet. And then she created my favorite drawer in my kitchen –  so far!

Baking Dish Storage

I had all of these baking dishes in a cabinet above my oven. I am vertically challenged so I had to use a step stool every time I needed one. Not anymore! Now they are in a drawer next to my stove. I love my drawer! I may actually start cooking again!

If you have a drawer or closet that is a challenge, leave us a comment and Cindy will answer you with a solution. Oh, and Cindy….    I need to do some more brainstorming for the magazine.

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