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Nutritional Supplements Produce Intelligent Redundancy

For the past one to two years I have struggled with organization and staying focused on the task at hand. I may start organizing my pantry, find bread that needs throwing out and end up cleaning out the garage when I put the molded bread in the garbage. From there I’ll go outdoors and water plants, pull a few weeds and then decide I’m thirsty. Not until I go back inside to pour myself an unhealthy diet soda does the panty organization re-enter my mind. I believe that I’ve found the answer and am now practicing “intelligent redundancy”.

I’ve been guilty of redundancy lots of times, but I cannot say that it was intelligent. I start to tell a story to a friend, only to be reminded that I told them these mundane details a couple of days ago. Friends, I am only 55 and am not suffering from any medical diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s, but this was bothering me. My sleep was sporadic, I was tired all the time and to say that I had absolutely no routine or discipline to build productivity in my day is an understatement.  I was not even eating at normal times during the day. No breakfast, lunch at 3:00 may have been a few peanuts and then dinner at 8:00. I would begin projects after dinner and sometimes stay up until 4:00 am, sleeping the next day until 9-10 am. I felt my whole life was turned upside down.

Then, during my work with our neighborhood magazine, Creekside Living, I was introduced to Daphne Cook and her family. Her family is the feature for our Family Spotlight in an upcoming issue. During her interview I discovered that she and her husband are working with Advocare. I’d never heard of Advocare, but after a few minutes talking with her, I had to try it. For the last 7 days I’ve been doing a herbal cleanse and taking nutritional supplements that improve brain power and give you energy. Let me just say that there’s a bit of a skip to my step these days and I’m happily whistling while I work.

This week I’ve had several projects on my list and I can proudly say that I’ve accomplished them all from start to finish. The key is that I’ve had the energy needed to complete each task and the cognitive focus to put off my usual procrastination. Thanks to my coach Daphne, I’ve been in bed at reasonable times each night and my sleep is gradually improving.

Intelligent Redundancy

I am not getting paid to endorse this product, but I am. On top of all that, I am losing weight. I am now down to a weight I’ve not seen in over a year. When I started this cleanse, the weight loss was my top priority, but seeing how much better I feel and THINK has changed my priorities. I do not have any jitters, my digestive system seems to be improving and I can actually plan my day and see results by the time I head to bed – at a reasonable hour.

I am a fan. If, like me, you’ve never heard of Advocare, check out Daphne and Jeff’s website – Fit Champions for more information. Now as I plan my day I am actually practicing what was becoming a lost art – discipline. Normal daily activities are getting accomplished and I can now say that I am once again practicing intelligent redundancy. Routines are a good thing my friend.

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