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Mark Edge Jewelry

Recently, I met Mark Edge. He is an artisan. Celebrities such as Courtney Cox, Drew Barrymore and Jane Fonda are collectors of his handmade jewelry. I was invited by my friend, Leslie Anne to a vintage jewelry trunk show. I walked in to a lovely home, immediately mesmerized by the vintage charms and chains displayed in two rooms. Over and over again, I touched vintage pieces. I tried on gorgeous pieces and introduced myself to other equally-enchanted ladies. I was so engrossed by the creations that I didn’t notice the creator.

Mark Edge Jewelry

“Hello. I’m Mark Edge, the designer by the way,” he said smiling as he shook my hand. He was as elegant as the jewelry exhibited on white tablecloths and velvet necklace busts.

Mark Edge JewelryHis long time friend and collector, Dee Washington hosted the trunk show, proudly wearing the fashionable pieces she owns.

Reclaimed Metals

A Collection of Vintage Crystals, Beads and Coins

Mark’s passion for his craft is evidenced by the number of pieces he creates. His collection includes vintage crystals, beads, coins and stones. No two pieces are alike making his jewelry a most desired collectible. Our hostess, Dee has been collecting his pieces for several years.

Family Heirlooms

I have a silver dollar stored in a box given to me by my grandfather. It never occurred to me to have it made into a piece of jewelry, until I had a nice chat with Dee’s neighbor, Sarah. She sent Mark a coin ahead of time that had belonged to her father. He transformed it into a one-of-a-kind necklace. She wore a priceless piece home that morning.


Mark Edge Jewelry creates family heirlooms. He uses materials ranging from brooches, coins and other charms provided by his loyal followers. With Christmas around the corner, I highly recommend one of his highly touted ‘eco-vintage” pieces as a treasured surprise for that someone special. For more gift choices including bangles and bracelets, click here.

Nostalgic Necklace

One of the many baubles that I tried on was this vintage crystal cameo. I’ve always wanted a cameo and this one demands attention.

Glass Cameo

Jewelry Table


My Mark Edge Vintage Jewelry Choices

Buffalo Nickel Earrings

His buffalo nickel earrings were one of my two purchases. My family has Native American bloodlines (more or less than 1/1,024!) These seemed to connect me to my heritage. They are one example of how his jewelry complements the wearer and makes their piece exclusive.

Coin with Heavy Chain

Vintage coins were magnetic and one of the reasons I remained hypnotized for the morning. I am one of those shoppers who likes to touch everything, think about how I will wear it and imagine my sisters wanting one just like it. 😉

Gold Beads


There were so many choices.

Leslie Anne & Mark

Leslie Anne made her selection. No it wasn’t Mark. She is holding a necklace.

It was a wistful morning in Fairhope, AL. Mark is a friendly, talented craftsman whose evocative designs will haunt you after shopping one of his trunk shows. Even after sleeping on it, I made my list for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Halloween, Veteran’s Day… No, I’m not a veteran, but it’s the closest holiday for shopping. I’ve never asked for a gift for Veteran’s Day. There’s a first time for everything.

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