Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL

Our Southern Bloggers Jubilee meeting for December was located at The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL. This is a favorite destination for many locals, as well as vacationers and business conventions. Our group of ladies was very excited to get all dressed up, meet together in a room with a view of the beautiful Mobile Bay and have lunch in the main dining room afterward.

One of the reasons that I was so excited about meeting here was due to the personal memories associated with the Grand Hotel. It holds a very special place in this bloggers’ heart. If you are looking for a venue to hold a special occasion, the Grand Hotel Marriott will exceed your expectations.

Lamp Posts of the Grand Hotel

  • In the early 90’s, Mr. Cozi and I traveled from Birmingham on a business trip. One special night, we met friends for dinner and had a lively conversation with a couple who were dating, but not yet married. When we returned to our room that night, we had a tray of chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne. The note read:

The Grand Hotel

  • Years later, we purchased a home here and our real estate agent gave us a gift certificate to the Sunday Brunch. Again, we got all dressed up and brought the whole family to the Grand for brunch with a jazz ensemble and flowing champagne. The food was fabulous, the music smooth, the view perfect and the rest was … well…bubbly!

The Grand Hotel Marriott

As a mother, I will never forget the compliment we received as we were leaving the dining room. A couple sitting near us, stopped me as we stood and the lady said, “We just want to compliment you on the behavior of your children. They’ve been so polite, and have great table manners, which you just don’t see much anymore. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.” After gushing my thank you’s, we did just that, beginning with a walk around the grounds before heading home.

  • Two years later, we had our family portrait made on the grounds.

The Grand Hotel

Photography by Renaissance Photography Studio

The Grand Hotel

  • Our next visit was another business trip with Mr. Cozi. During this stay, I had my first mint julep. After reading through the history of The Grand provided by the hotel, I knew I had to recreate one small part of that history.  It was such fun to imagine southern belles of days gone by, sitting under the oaks and sipping mint juleps. I had to try one. We met some friends in Bucky’s Birdcage Lounge for appetizers. We ladies had mint juleps and the gentlemen had old fashioneds. The time spent with friends, the view and the history of this tradition made it a very special occasion.

The Grand Hotel

The simple mint syrup is made up of 1 cup sugar, 1 cup of water and one bunch of mint. The longer this sits to absorb the mint, the better.

One lady suggested,

“Sometimes if I don’t have enough mint on hand, I’ll add some mint tea bags and steep with the syrup.” Being the tea lover that I am, this will be my next version of the mint julep.

  • On our 32rd anniversary, Mr. Cozi and I decided to have dessert at The Grand with the sweet, soothing sounds of the piano in the dining room. I chose a flaming ice cream dessert. So pretty and delicious!

The Grand Hotel

  • On Tuesday of this week, I added a new memory. For the first time, this was a working meeting for me. Our bloggers met to discuss technical support on our blogs, and to share tips of things that are working great. We discussed the number of categories needed on a blog, Michael Hyatt tutorials, Holly Homer tutorials and of course, social media. In attendance were:

Hope of Crafty Hope

Leslie Anne with Fairhope Supply Co.

Debbie with Flower Child Designs

Lorraine with Clamco

Judy of Judy Hanks Pimperl and our newest member,

Marjorie with Marjorie Searcy.

The Grand Hotel

Father Christmas gave our group a warm welcome.

Bucky's Birdcage Lounge

Appropriately, our blogger group met in Bucky’s Birdcage Lounge.

The Grand Hotel

Christmas spirit was everywhere. After our meeting, we had a delicious lunch in the dining room.

The Grand Hotel

Honey Pecan Chicken Salad with Sweet Potato Fries

The Grand HotelThe 12 Layer Salad that arrived with an inverted jumbo martini glass over it. I missed that picture.

The Grand HotelCaesar Salad with Parmesan Crisps

After lunch, some of the ladies had to scoot, while a few of us lingered to take pictures and enjoy the Christmas decorations. So, from the entire group of Southern Bloggers Jubilee, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. A good place to start celebrating is the Grand Hotel Marriott of Point Clear, AL.

The Grand Hotel

Debbie, Leslie Anne and Moi.

13 thoughts on “Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL

  1. Wow, Kim I enjoyed reading about all your memories of the Grand Hotel and loved the photo of your beautiful family. We have memories there and i did plan to come to the meeting but to sick to go anywhere. All better now thank goodness. Maybe next year!

  2. I hate that I didn’t make it to lunch. It all looks so good! Of course, I enjoyed the company for the meeting for sure.
    Thank you for sharing your memories of the Grand. I only only a few myself, but hope to make many more in the future!
    I hope to have my pictures edited and blog post up next week sometime myself.

  3. I thought of y’all living it up at the Grand on Tuesday Kim, wishing I was there!! Sounds like a marvelous time, so sorry to miss. Your memories of the Grand are indeed special and your family is so sweet in the old photo! I always get the chicken salad croissant when we go for lunch, I wish I had one now! I’m so glad Hope could go, I pray she gets relief with her surgery~

    1. Jenna, we wish you had been there, too! I’m looking forward to the new year and more visits from YOU!!!! We did have a fabulous time, but would have been better with your presence! We are all praying for Hope.

  4. What beautiful memories of your times at the Grand Hotel! That story about the couple sending the note with the champagne is definitely special…Hopefully they are now blessed with a great marriage like yours!
    I’m looking forward to our next meeting at the Grand…wink-wink.
    Thank you for the mention and link to my blog.

  5. Beautiful place, Kim, and what a lovely family portrait.
    Again, wish I could join Southern Bloggers some day. You all look fabulous. Oh my goodness, and look at that salad…yum.
    Now, number of categories??? Clueless. 😉

    1. Marcia, I wish you could join our group someday, too! As to number of categories… I read or watched a video (can’t remember where I heard it), that one way to stay organized with posts is to select only 4-8 categories and then write within each 1-3 times per month – according to how often you post. My example would be: Cooking for Two, Fashion Fridays, Simple Living (organization, household tips), Beautiful Home (decor, holidays, diy), etc. I’m exploring these possibilities for 2015.

  6. The Grand Hotel holds some good memories for me also. We attended several conferences there while my husband was working. It is a beautiful place and in the summer you can really enjoy the pool. I am sure you ladies had a nice meeting and we are looking forward to your future blogs.

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