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Fighting the Frump with Corina Holden

How do you fight the frump?

This post contains affiliate links by which I might make a small commission should you purchase from this page. I recommend this program because I have used it, love it and want to share it with my readers.

Corina Holden is a young mom of 4 who was fighting the frumpiness of motherhood until she decided to do something about it. Her plan for “systematizing” her personal style is a win-win for her and all of her followers… like me! I stumbled upon her Instagram page and spent half a day reading and researching. It was like a reference catalog for avoiding frumpiness. In the quiet of my own private library (an online wealth of information!) I discovered the solution to my over-50 fashion dilemma. And I want to share it with you, in case you are in the same slump I was.

Corina Holden

As a retiree, there are days that I don’t want to get out of my pajama’s.  If nobody’s coming by and we aren’t going out, why bother?!? One of her comments woke me up from my frumpy slumber. It was time to change.  And yes, change is possible … even for an old dog.

“What you wear should come easy and make you feel cute and comfy without much thought. That’s why Frump Fighters® systematizes style and makes it EASY, FUN, and DO-ABLE for moms like you and me so we can feel put together QUICKLY and then move on to our ‘everyday’ with confidence—whether home with the kids, at work, or out doing errands.”

And to that I would add — whether home with the hubs, alone or spending a day with the grandkids. I was struck by the words “cute and comfy without much thought.” I wish I had the HOURS back that I’ve spent standing in my closet trying to decide what to put on this body. And I hate to admit that a lot of those days I just gave up and stayed in my pjs. Until I found Corina.

The easy style and unpretentious approach to fashion you find in her system is SO refreshing. As a 60+ year old who no longer wants to wear stilettos ????, I have found new freedom in her tried and true formula for styling a cute and comfy outfit.  I purchased the 4th Edition What to Wear Calendar and I love it. I am about to pull the trigger on the interactive platform that allows you to use your own personal wardrobe in an easy to use app.

Frump-less Formula

What I love about her formula is how easy it is to decide what to wear every morning. Her outfit calendar is gorgeously divided into seasons, months, weeks and days. I did it the old fashioned way to start and printed the Summer Season and put it in a three ring binder.  For three glorious months I’ve simply looked at the month of choices, select the day of the week and voilà! My whole outfit is planned for me. I simply add my own personal touches here and there. Fighting the frump is less of a battle every day now!

Fighing the Frump

Fighting the frump with fewer PJ days

My whole attitude has changed toward what I used to call my pajama days. The sad thing was that they had honestly turned into pajama weeks at times. Now, I still have a day occasionally where I just feel like a nap or browsing through a magazine. But even on those days I choose something extremely comfy and it’s amazing how much more I get accomplished. There’s just something about getting dressed ????, making your bed ???? and brushing your teeth ????  that makes for a better day. 😉 Don’t you agree?

I think our little Shih-tzu even feels better when I get dressed. I mean just look how bright her eyes are!! O’hara, the cat is pretty chill no matter what!

Prissy and Ohara

What do you think? If you check out this fabulous platform, leave me a comment. Fighting the frump is super easy with Corina’s formula. Or even if you don’t — I’d still love to know your thoughts on getting dressed after retirement. And for your enjoyment, here are a few late Summer, early Fall outfit ideas.

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