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Fashion Friday: Surfing for Summer Necklaces

Getting dressed for a summer day in the south can be a real challenge. A lady always wants to look nice, but melting makeup, wilted curls and stained underarms caused by humidity makes Jane a dull girl, before she walks out the door. So today, I’m sharing necklaces that are light in weight and will add sparkle to our look without causing any “glistening” on a lady’s skin.


Once again, I’m sharing selections from Estate Jewelers in Fairhope, AL. Owner, Julie Johnson helped me choose today’s features from designers like Karine Sultan and Lauren G. Adams. The bracelet falling out of the wooden log is rose gold, as are the earrings. The other necklaces are gold tones or a mix of gold and silver. Turquoise is a natural summer choice, but I usually find it made with silver accents. It will look great in gold with a tan, ladies!

Turquoise and Gold

The stones and metals will be so cool next to the skin.


One of my very favorite pieces (that I have on my wish list) is the Lauren G. Adams Prince Charming necklace on the right in the picture above. It is gold with CZ stones, lightweight and versatile.


The silver and white/ivory pieces above will go perfectly with your cotton, linen or silk tops that will keep you cooler during the days when you can’t cool off at the beach.


Surfing for a summer necklace with all the colors of the Gulf gives Jane hope of being cool in the southern heat. Wouldn’t it be SO cool if we could wrap beads of the ocean spray around our necks and wrists on those sweltering days?
Let’s get creative ladies! How are you planning to stay cool and fashionable this summer?


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