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Fashion Friday: Italy

On today’s Fashion Friday, I’m sharing some photos from our trip to Italy.

Well-dressed Italian Men

My daughter’s observation while walking through Venice was, “The men here seem better dressed than the women.”

Well-dressed Italian Men

And here is a group of well-dressed tourists.

Touring Italy

From the left is Mario, our Sommelier and tour guide, my sister-in-love, Trudy, me, Sylvia, one of the owners of La Bignele Winery and my mom-in-love, Charlotte.

More well-dressed men.

And here are a few more well-dressed men, with Sylvia.

Sandals on the Arno River

My daughters’ sandals on the Arno River.

Italian Dancers

Giovani Danzatori Della Ragazza at the Grand Hotel Aminta in Sorrento, Italy. This was such a fun night of entertainment on my mom-in-loves birthday.





The Birthday Girl



Fashion sunglasses.


Floral headdresses.

Mama the Chef and me.

Trattoria der Pallaro, in Rome, Italy with Paola Fazi, the Chef. She is known for her excellent cooking and for wearing a towel around her head – turban style.

Vacation Picture T-shirts

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I hope you enjoyed my version of a fashion tour in Italy.

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