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What’s in a Name?

Choosing your business name when opening an antique booth business is an important step. It’s a name you’ll see, hear and type a lot for the rest of your business’s life. This post is part of a series on “How to Plan for and Open an Antique Booth”. Here are a few tips on how to name your booth business for success.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Where will the booth be located? In a mall, a flea market or only at craft fairs?
  2. Is it important to include the city, state, county or region of the business?
  3. If you had to name a room in your house that best describes your booth, would it be a nursery, pantry, closet, bath, bedroom?
  4. What will be the style of your booth? Farmhouse, Cottage, French, Traditional?
  5. Are you partners with someone and want to include your names in the business?
  6. How will you stock your booth? Is there an inventory theme?
  7. Is there a nickname or literary character that has been a lifelong favorite?

cozinest sign

CoziNest Antiques & Decor

My blog started as a way to help other moms who’s nests were emptying. My love of decorating soon followed with the adventures of travel adding another layer to the niche. I have learned a lot since 2013 and have named a second blog by asking these questions. CoziNest answers would be as follows:

  • The booth is in a mall.
  • I did not choose to add a location or region in the name.
  • I chose a living room. It is a small room that feels cozy, comfortable and is decorated with family treasures.
  • My favorite styles are French, traditional, cottage and transitional.
  • I have no partners.
  • I want to stock items that fit the name of my business.

Inventory to Cozy Up Your Nest

When customers walk into my booth, I want it to feel like a cozy space where they’d like to get comfortable. With so many shoppers preferring a simple, minimalist home, I’ve added functional pieces that every home needs.

home pillow

The blog quickly turned into a place to write about comfort food, our nest, decor and inspiration for calm living. The beach close by gives plenty of opportunity to experience coastal living. Topics on the blog helped me decide what kind of inventory I wanted to fill my shelves. I wanted all things:

    • soft

cotton cone trees

    • warm
    • greenery, florals

floral arrangement in copper pot

    • ambiance

hobnail lamp

  • French, traditional or cottage

pink floral art


Pink Flowers

  • scents – oils, potpourri, soaps, candles

fragrant soaps

  • natural woods

natural wood

  • organizational – unusual storage

tea towels

My current inventory includes soft, warm afghans, lots of greenery and florals and wonderful scented soaps. The ambiance includes candles, natural woods and unusual storage to organize a cozy room. I search for French design, traditional accessories and cottage style linens. While this may change a little with every season, having this as part of my business name helps keep me focused in my business plan as well.

cozinest sign with nest


If you have an antique booth, I would love to hear what you named it and why. Please leave a comment below and get your booth name entered into a raffle. The winner will be featured here on CoziNest and pinned to my Pinterest board, “Blogging Tips I Use,” where I have over 55,000 monthly views.

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