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5 Antique Additions to Cozy Up a Room

From Florida to Alaska, a cozy space is what we long for at the end of a work day. Whether the weather outside is frightful or tropical, sprinkling a few antique additions to any room has a calming affect. It’s like getting a kiss on the cheek from the past. Let your hair down, kick off your shoes, pour your beverage of choice and check out these 5 simple accents that help you rest… assuredly.

Add a Pinch of Blue and White

blue and white

This beautiful, white marbled kitchen is warmed with blue and white jars and a touch of life with boxwood topiaries. Julie Taylor of T & G Interiors completed a one room challenge in six weeks. Click on the link to see more.

A Touch of Black

Touch of Black

Black velvet against a backdrop of white walls mixes antique chairs and animal print pillows with a warm rug. The perfect blend for a cozy corner. Decor Pad has beautiful photos of lots of cozy foyers.

Shelve the Conversation Piece

collection of Bibles

Most people would find the collection of silver coffee urns the focal point, but the books look like well-used Bibles. What a sweet collection! This photo reminds me of the scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” with all the jeweled chalices. The search for the Holy Grail led the Nazi’s to choose a chalice that was pretty and valuable, but claimed the life of the greedy one. “He chose poorly.” The life-giving chalice was a mere wooden cup. These frayed books could be more valuable than all the silver in the world.

Showcase Your Antique Additions with a Bit of Fun and Style

vintage plate collection

Displaying your collections in a creative way will create conversation, turning a simple plate hanging into an architectural masterpiece. You may kick off your shoes in this foyer, but you might just linger a few minutes each afternoon.

Set Your Table with Heirloom China

Heirloom China

Tea Time Magazine sets this beautiful table, mixing heirlooms with contemporary china. What better way to enjoy the close of a busy day, than by cozying up with a cup of tea?

Want more suggestions for using antiques? Scroll through this article about collecting.

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