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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts We Love

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate love. We now have Galentine’s for those who aren’t a couple. It has thankfully become a day of love for lots of others, beside our significant others. The “love” industry includes chocolates, flowers, jewelry, baked goods, greeting cards and on and on. Why not spread the love all around with a few Valentine’s Day gifts?

Valentine gift giving starts in elementary school with homemade cards, tissue flowers, parties and lots of candy hearts. In this post, we’ll provide a list of 10 gift ideas that range in age from 5 to 95. Some are gifts to purchase, some are ideas of things to do with your lovie and some are recipes to try. 

This or That Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gifts Spread Cheer, Love and Gratitude

Since 2020 was more difficult than most years, this list includes ideas for staying in and making our gifts with our own hands. Our medical masks have covered more than our mouths and noses. More than ever, we need a real touch, sincere smile and gesture of genuine love. Seniors need to hear they are loved, children miss their friends and couples need a minute alone together for a refresher course in true romance. 

“Sometimes you get caught up in trying to be successful in school or in your social life, and [we need a] reminder not to forget that each day people are getting older. Nobody is promised tomorrow, so we should make sure that we spend quality time with quality people. ~ Anthony Hamilton, Back to Love

What better purpose for Valentine’s Day than to celebrate love for all?

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for All Ages 

#1 Gifts for Kids

Scavenger Hunt for Fun

Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt for kids

This family attaches chocolate hearts to each clue for each child. There’s a different color for each child and gifts at the end of the hunt.

#2 Breakfast for Valentine’s Day

The Love Notes Blog shares a simple idea for waffles, sprinkles, and fruit with lots of balloons. While this idea is geared specifically toward the kiddos, it can be equally fun for adults. Add pretty dishes, a couple of mimosa’s and a sweetly wrapped gift to make a lovely start to the day.

Valentines Day Breakfast


#3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a High School SweetHeart

Holidappy includes ideas for high school sweethearts. They include school flowers sold by clubs, teddy bears, cards, candy and flowers delivered to the classroom by a local florist. This giver will get lots of extra credit! There are also tips here for helping teachers make students feel special.


valentines teddy bear


#4 Gifts for Couples to Pick up at the Local Vintage Mall


CoziNest Vintage Decor

I would be remiss if I failed to mention all the great options in Booth #115 at Southern Antiques & Accents. CoziNest Vintage Decor offers jewelry, spa products like wraps, robes and headbands. There’s a box for love letters, champagne flutes, heart shaped dishes or trinket trays, silk-like pillow cases and gorgeous vases for a quick supermarket arrangement.

#5 Victoria Magazine’s Cookies and Brew for Mom’s or Seniors

Cookies and Latte

A lovely tray of sweet wafers with a warm latte and pretty dishes? Who wouldn’t love this little surprise on Valentine’s Day? Since we are staying in more now, it’s important to find ways to show our love and appreciation within the walls of home. While, Victoria shares the recipe for these delightful cookies, decorating store-bought cookies with the children and serving them on pink dishes will make Mom happy, too!

#6 Beautiful Dinner for Two

A table for two is perfect to refresh that feeling of true love. If it’s difficult to come up with an idea for just the two of you, here are 9 ideas from a previous post here on CoziNest.

set of three rose bouquets


#7 Agape Love Game for all Ages

This game is number seven for a reason. The number 7 represents infinity in several cultures and especially where love and forgiveness are concerned. In Matthew 18: 21-22, we learn that we are to forgive an offense 70×7 times. There’s no greater love than that of our Lord, so this game is the perfect addition to this list.

I heart you.

The game, Valentine’s Day Escape Room takes students back in time where they will solve mysteries related to Agape Love by decoding puzzlesanswering questions, and breaking secret codes! This “Print & Go” activity can be used at home, church, or school.

#8 Plan a quick getaway for the weekend

Veranda magazine has 18 different places to get away for a weekend of love. They suggest we cultivate our relationships with time away from it all.



#9 Write a simple love letter to anyone in your life.

Post a Letter


#10 Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant

camellia cafe fairhope al

We made our reservations on the first day of February. I strongly encourage you to make them soon. With social distancing, limited seating and everyone so eager to get out of the house, I assume restaurants will fill up quickly. On a personal note, find something your man/lady loves and order it as soon as possible. Shipping is also taking longer.

Showing to Love to All

There’s never been a better time (in my humble) to show others how much you care about them. Last year was a doozie, so spread some cheer! I’d love to hear in the comments what you are doing for your family this year.

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