Thrifting with my Bestie in Baldwin County, AL

I love thrifting with my bestie! She lives about 40 minutes away from me. Yes, in ways, that’s sad, but in others, it makes for great Beth Days as I so lovingly call them. After such a year, these days have become even more priceless. Just getting out of the house cheers the soul, but spending the day in the presence of pure sunshine is like a shot of vitamin C. That is what a day of thrifting with my bestie is like for me.

The day begins with a mission of keeping treasures out of a landfill. This can be accomplished by venturing out into neighboring counties, as well. I love going to Mobile, Pensacola and even Birmingham on some shopping trips. At some point, a quick stop at my favorite consignment shops, or any special clearance sales going on nearby, make for a great day of shopping.

Add to that the value of supporting local charities like Waterfront Mission and a delicious lunch at the end of it all, and you have the makings of a wonderful, Covid-conquering day. If you, like me need a day out, let me encourage you to call your bestie and go thrifting!

thrifting with my bestie

Items Found While Thrifting with my Bestie


Here are the 3 thrifted items that she helped me pick out this month, and a few others that I’ve had in my stash for a while. I love shopping with Beth because she has a really good eye, has no trouble helping me spend my thrifting dollars 😉 and it always turns into a day of laughter including a couple of really deep belly laughs.

1) The first find of the day was this pair of wooden shelves.

I can’t wait to paint these. I’m trying to decide at this point whether they will end up in my house or the booth. What do you think? Paint them white? Gray? Leave them as is?

wooden shelves


2) Small round table.

My goal for the day was to find a small piece of furniture to paint white – because everything I paint white flies out of the booth in a matter of days. I forgot to snap a picture before I started painting, but here it is in painting stages.

thrifting with my bestie

Here’s the table in progress.

small round table one coat paint

Why hasn’t this chair sold???

There’s only one exception to my white-painted items and I still can’t quite figure it out. If you have any suggestions please share. This is a cane-backed folding chair that just hasn’t sold as quickly as I thought it would. My thought when I purchased was that since it is cane-backed and it folds away for easy storage, that it would fly right out of the booth, like everything else. But it hasn’t. I did reupholster the seat in a neutral ticking pattern. Should I change that to something more colorful? It’s only $25!

white folding chair

small round painted side table

Here is the table

3) Collection of small pitchers and cups.

Some of these will go to the booth as is to use as a vase for flowers. The others will be home to my new candle line. Post to follow about this new venture.

small pitchers collection

4) Carved Wooden Vessel

wooden carved vessel

painting a carved wooden vessel

work station

White Painted Vessel

This little treasure ended up in my keeping room. I’m using it to store coasters for that morning cup of coffee or evening glass of sweet tea!

thrifted update

Thrifting can also be a great way to put together a great wedding gift by beginning with a fun picnic basket.This is one of my favorite diy gifts I’ve ever put together. And it was a big hit with my cousin. Wedding night snacks with a bottle of champagne, glasses, chocolates, nuts, chips, bottled water and some really pretty wedding napkins. Then, of course, the basket can be reused for anniversaries or just a fun summer day. Click on “picnic basket” above to see the transformation with a little paint.

Wedding Night Picnic

Yes, this was a great day thrifting with my bestie! How do you spend your days out of the house these days? Let me encourage you to go thrifting! Better yet, bring your bestie to see all the new finds in my booth!

Thanks Beth, for a great day out! Hugs!

White Trash Treasure-Serving Platter Rack

Each week I like to showcase an item that was once someone’s trash, but is now one of my treasures. Sometimes it becomes a treasure for our home and sometimes it lands in one of the booths. This week I am featuring an old iron serving platter rack that has been transformed into….

serving rack

A Tea Towel Display

You just never know when you are going to stumble on something like this. It was sitting in a local thrift store where I was actually looking for an old fence, iron bed footboard or old ladder. I was on a mission to find a unique way to display my new tea towels and voilà! It folds flat and that is how I found it. Once I opened it, I discovered that in its previous life, it had held three fairly large platters which were now missing. And that is obviously why it had been donated in the first place.

tea towel display
I put it in my cart, thinking I’d either find platters to replace the old ones or… display my new tea towels. As I continued to shop, a sweet lady stopped me and asked, “Pardon me, but I’m so curious. What are you going to do with that thing? It looks like it used to hold serving platters.”

I answered, “I think you are right, but I’m going to display tea towels on it in my antique booth.” She then asked, “How? Won’t they crumple at the bottom?” After I showed her the “S” hook, I’d found that day too, she said, “Wow! That’s a great idea to hang it from the ceiling!” I beamed.

So if you happen by the booth, be sure to check out the new tea towels. All ooh’s and ahh’s over my genius and innovative repurposing of the platter serving rack will be locked away in my heart! So go ahead and praise my tea towel display in the comments below. (hehehehe) I so appreciate you!


Thrifting for an Alaskan Cruise

I have a special treat for you on today’s Fashion Friday. If by chance you are shopping for your next cruise, consider shopping at your local thrift store. The following fashions were all purchased at local second-hand shops and would make great additions to any packing list, particularly a cruise. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a formal you may only wear once, then a thrift store is a great option.

These fashions were modeled by S.E.L.F. volunteers at an event in Fairhope, AL this week. This group was organized to provide women the opportunity to give back to their community in four different ways. Through service, education, leadership and fellowship these ladies enhance their community and have fun at the same time. They volunteered over 10,000 service hours in 2014 and this fashion show was one of their 5 social events scheduled each year. If you work hard, you should play hard as well and this event was a lot of fun!

The outfits were found in thrift stores from Fairhope to Destin, Florida and beyond. One pair of shoes cost over $20, but all other items were $15 or below, including the cocktail dresses. Save these ideas when you go shopping for your cruise.


Red Sequins with Black Skirt

This black handkerchief hemmed skirt with red and black sequined jacket could go from day to night.

Red & Black Sequined Jacket

Chevron Stripe Dress

Chevron stripes can carry this dress from spring and summer into fall.

Orange Fringe Maxi

Two pieces, this maxi dress could be part of Formal Night or a fun sundress on deck at one of the ship parties.

Orange Fringe Two Piece Dress

Fun and colorful flip flops make it a smart casual outfit.

Black & White Dress

A classic black and white dress should be in every ladies’ wardrobe.

Thrifting for an Alaskan Cruise

This silver combo was one of my personal favorites. Great for cocktails or dressed down with a denim jacket, it’s a perfect duo.

Ladies Blue Pinstripe Suit

A light blue pinstripe suit could be split up and worn several different ways on a cruise. Perfect colors!

Little Black Dress

A lovely lady in a little black dress. Perfect for any occasion.

Thrift Store Jacket

Everyone was in shock when this pretty lady shared that her jacket was only $3. Great look for Fall.

Floral Shift Dress

An abstract floral shift was next on our Runway Review. An easy dress to throw on for air travel or a casual dinner.

Red Jacket with Black Beading

A beaded jacket with black and red makes a striking combination.

Black Sequin Cocktail Dress

If my memory serves, this sassy lady is sporting a black sequined cocktail dress that cost only $10! It was found at Hertha’s Second Addition in Fairhope, AL.

Sequined Top with Black PantsIf you prefer not to wear a dress on formal night, this sequined top and black pants will solve that problem.

Applique Neckline

The beaded neckline adds just the right amount of bling.

Nautical Dreams

A nautical look from head to toe. A great option for excursions.

Black and Pink Floral

A tropical look for a tropical cruise.

Black Applique Gown

A lovely floral appliquéd dress for a cruise or a Mardi Gras party.

Black Spaghetti Strap Dress

Add any throw or jacket to this spaghetti strap dress and the look totally changes.

Hermes Look-Alike Top

The top of this outfit mimics one of the original Hermès scarves that is still copied after 80+ years.

Short-Waisted Jacket

Short Waist Jacket in blue and white make this a must have for any cruise. The large buttons and polka dot scarf tie up another perfect outfit.

Pinstripe with Polka Dot Scarf


One pair of leggings + any number of tunics = Multiple Outfits

Animal Print Jacket

Animal Print with Skirt

This jacket could be dressed up or down.

Spring Bouquet

In case you need a fun and flirty costume, you can spring onto the scene with this “slinky ensemble.”

Have you got $20 in your pocket? You could purchase a whole cruising wardrobe at your local thrift store.

A Prayer Warrior’s Bedroom Reveal

Remember this post? A Prayer Warriors’ Bedroom? It has proven to be one of my most popular for the month of October, second only to Hiding Those Pesky Electrical Cords. But, popularity is not what this is about. I have to say that of all the posts I’ve written over the last year, todays’ is my very favorite.  A Power greater than me decided to save the best for last. Day 31 (on Halloween)…31 Days of Flipping Out is all about a prayer warriors’ bedroom reveal.

To refresh your memory, my sister discovered that a young friend of her daughters’ was sleeping on a mattress in the floor of a dorm room. He met my niece at a church near her college campus and has since become a prayer warrior for their family. When Kristie (my sister) heard about his sleeping arrangements, she couldn’t stand it. She then shopped at estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores and Target to improve his bedroom.

She loaded a full dresser, mirror, twin headboard, box springs, bedding and nightstand in a pick-up truck and took them to her basement for improvements. Some folks might have thought purchasing the items and delivering them was nice enough, but not to my sister. It had to be painted and updated. It had to be masculine. More than once, while we were thrifting, she’d say, “I want it to be something he can keep for years if he wants to.” I found a chest of drawers and said, “This is plenty, Kristie, it has five drawers and is in good shape.” Nope! Not good enough. She kept looking until she found this…

31 Days of Flipping Out

And these…

31 Days of Flipping Out

31 Days of Flipping Out

She and my niece got busy painting…

31 Days of Flipping Out

They worked in daylight and dark.

31 Days of Flipping Out

31 Days of Flipping Out

They painted everything.

31 Days of Flipping Out

And then yesterday, they loaded it all up again and drove an hour to a certain prayer warrior’s dorm room. A friend of his let them in so they could surprise him. This is what they found.

31 Days of Flipping Out

Friends helped move everything in…

31 Days of Flipping Out

31 Days of Flipping Out

Doesn’t the dresser look fabulous? Kristie found the “coconut monkeys” at a thrift store and had to add a bit of whimsey.

31 Days of Flipping Out

31 Days of Flipping Out

She added a baseball to his nightstand because he loves the sport.

I can say that my sister thought of everything. When I asked why they didn’t get his picture with the surprise on his face; she said they didn’t want to embarrass him. She didn’t even see his face when he saw it the first time. But, just a few minutes after she headed home, she received a phone call. The line was mostly silent, but she knew who it was and why he was calling. In a speechless kind of way he said thank you. Speaking for my sister… he is most welcome!

In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

Partying with: What AboutFrugal Friday

By Stephanie Lynn

Thrifting for Wedding Gifts

My second cousin, Mallory is getting married. She’s a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart and when I was asked to help give her a Bridal Tea, I was thrilled to do so. The tea was an informal gathering of close friends and family held at a lovely cafe in Trussville, AL. The Chocolate Biscuit is a perfect venue for luncheons, teas or showers or just lunch with the girls. There were several Pinterest-type ideas at her tea, so I thought I’d share them with you.

The Chocolate Biscuit

Wanting to give Mallory a gift that fit into her “country chic” theme, I went thrifting and found a gently used picnic basket. I painted it with Van Gogh Chalk Paint and filled it with treats for their Wedding Night Picnic. Included were chips, nuts, chocolate, champagne, wine glasses, napkins and dessert plates.

Here is the before.

Wedding Night Picnic


Picnic Checkerboard

And here is the after… Millie wants to go, too.

Picnic with Millie

A window of memories.

The first time I saw you,
The first words you spoke,
The first time we held hands,
The first time we kissed…

Window of Memories

A small collection of bottles filled with baby’s breath line a window sill.

Ledge of Baby's Breath

Flowers are love’s truest language.

Small Bottle of Baby's Breath

Lace and burlap decorated mason jars are filled with flowers.

Mason Jar of Flowers

She’s been dreaming 
’bout her wedding dress
since she was a little girl..
white with lace, and flowing,
accents made of pearl.

Wedding Dress Cupcakes

And this handmade gift was a huge hit. Made out of a discarded pallet, stained and inscribed with their name and date of establishment.

Established 11-1-14

Mallory & Ross

Congratulations, Ross and Mallory!

Country Chick is all the rage for weddings these days. What are some of your wedding gift/bridal decor ideas?

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By Stephanie Lynn