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March Calendar

Hello all,

I want to extend a personal invitation to local bloggers on the Gulf Coast. We will be meeting for an informal get-to-know on March 18, 2014 from 9 am to 12 pm. The gathering will take place in the room above Latte Da next door to Page and Palette. For GPS purposes, the address is 32 S Section St. Fairhope, Alabama 36532

Whether you are a seasoned veteran who’s written 10,000 posts or are in a bloggers’ fog and have no idea what you are doing, I would love to meet you. The purpose is to get to know each other and form a network of Gulf Coast bloggers who can stay current and contribute our best together to the world of blogging.

Writer's Pen
Writer’s Pen

I started my blog in July 2013, because at 53, I wanted to share something with the hundreds of women who have raised their children and are now forced to refill their nests with things other than little chicks.


I would love to hear why and how you got started, so put the conference on your calendar and join us. Space is limited, so please register soon by clicking on the button on my sidebar.

March Calendar
March Calendar

We will have a local photographer, a WordPress technician, and several bloggers on hand for a great time of conversation. Refreshments will be available at Latte Da and anyone who would like to stay after for lunch is welcome. Fairhope has plenty of choices for lunch.

8 thoughts on “South Alabama Bloggers Conference

  1. I am two hours away from Fairhope and am working on attending. I have a few details to work out before I can commit. This sounds like a great get together. I hope I can attend and that there will be room for me. Will check back with you next week.

  2. Found you via Linda at Costal Charm…wish I could attend. I started my blog a little while back…I was an empty nester, but now I have a 5 yr. old child who has cystic fibrosis living with me. I don’t know if he would sit still for three hours! I just subscribed to your blog, so that I can keep up with you and future happenings. Your blog is beautiful and I can’t wait to visit all of your posts! My blog is . I would love to have you drop by!

    1. Judy, you did something no one is able to do much these days. You brought happy tears to my eyes. There’s a joke in my family that since menopause, I can no longer cry. Thank so much for calling my blog “beautiful”.

      You are welcome to drop by for as long as you want. If coming late and leaving early works, we’d love to meet you face to face.

      I will definitely be checking out your blog. Thanks again and I hope to see you on the 18th.

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