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While reading a recent article in B-Metro, I discovered the newest thang with some young mothers. I have to warn you that this may be a bit controversial!  Have you heard of push presents? Young mommies are now getting presents for pushing during labor. What?

First of all, my firstborn was born by caesarean so there goes that present, and second… what? When I was pregnant and planning for the birth of either of our babies, there was no talk about a “push present.” Oh my!  All of us from the baby boom generation have missed out! Think of how many boomers have delivered their little presents and then went home with them wrapped in soft blankets and smelling of Baby Magic Lotion? Their “presents” didn’t sparkle on their ears or wrists and they sure weren’t “red-soled Christian Louboutin shoes.”

Red-soled Shoe

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great if your husband gives you a present. I did push with my second baby and now I’m thinking of asking where my present is. Then, I look at my gorgeous 23-year-old daughter and there isn’t a diamond or a red-soled shoe that could replace the joy of that day. We had been praying for her for five years. She was the gift, just as my son had been seven years earlier. My labor with my daughter was induced and I’m told that is one of the most painful labors to endure. I also had an epidural that didn’t take on one side, so I also get that labor is difficult. But, what in the world are we coming to?

I am a lover of all things fashion, even those things I can’t afford.  I love to window shop on 5th Avenue in New York City when we visit. I love to walk through Saks, Tiffany’s, and most every store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. It isn’t solely due to a longing for nice things. I consider fashion whether clothing or jewelry to be art and I love admiring the work of the artist. I have two pairs of shoes that I consider art and a few other pieces that I will wear forever. Included in those items is a necklace whose diamond was given to my mother-in-law on the day my husband was born. So, I see the value of a “push present.”

Push Present

I also believe that the child knit together in my womb by THE CREATOR, is the most precious art out there. I really can’t imagine clouding that day with special gifts for me. After all it’s their BIRTHday. I had a baby shower prior to both children, but there were no “push” showers. Which leads me to these questions…

What would happen if you didn’t push? Exactly! So why the present? Natural childbirth you say? Oh well, now that’s a completely different thang! A pair of shoes and diamond earrings doesn’t even cover the breathing!

What are your thoughts on push presents?

6 thoughts on “Push Presents

  1. First I hear of these push presents. I
    I never experienced the full blown natural urge to push with our son (firstborn), but with our daughter, OH MY. I’ll just say that when that stuff kicks in full blast (no meds) you don’t need any incentive WHATSOEVER. Just get out of my way. 🙂
    I just feel as if I’m on Candid Camera (not sure if you remember it, Kim) reading this post. 🙂 Surreal times we’re living in.

  2. Oh. my. Lord! Now I have heard it all. This sounds as crazy as that thing I just read about in a book coming out this week (PRIMATES ..something something..) about life on the Upper East Side where wives get a “bonus” for being super-mothers from their billionaire husbands. Presumably it is because the fathers are too busy making and safe-guarding their billions and wives have to do everything making them deserving of a bonus. That pushing thing is anathema to me because I was induced and then knocked out cold. That’s the way they did it in 1968. I think my son was about 10 hours old before I woke up enough to take a look at him. All things considered, I don’t know which way is best. I do know the red-soled shoes and diamond earrings might tempt me to try to stay awake!

  3. Interesting. I’m glad I had Caroline 24 years ago. All these gender reveal parties and now push presents would have really worn me out. Ha!

  4. Well, I’ve heard of getting a gift to commemorate the day your child was born, but I think the fault (and crassness) of this idea is in the rebranding of the name. “Push” gift invokes visions of a situation we don’t need to be thinking about. Yes, it’s nature, yes, it’s beautiful in some way, but I don’t want to think of my friends in that particular moment, nor do I want them to picture me any other way but lounging in the hospital bed, holding out my arms, and catching the sweet bundle that falls into my arms from the stork.

    I think I have an article idea. You are a genius!

  5. Well, you’ve just educated me on the subject, so right now, I’m just floored. I was just happy to bring my child home as the gift…If this has become a “thang”, then I think it just shows how badly Americans have become unbalanced and focused on things…I personally don’t need any red-soled shoes. Flowers or some small token of love from hubby should be enough after giving birth. It’s almost like the joy is being displaced from the real gift, the baby, and focused to the “thing” that was the push present. Just seems warped to me.

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