How to Keep Cats Out of Houseplants

We have two adorable cats. O’hara came to live with us first and then our vet suggested we get a second cat to keep him company. Scarlett has made everybody happy – unlike her namesake.

O’hara and Scarlett

Black kitten in red basket


Kitten Adoption Day

Scarlett on adoption day

cats on window sill

She has no idea what she would do without him.

How to Keep Cats out of Houseplants

But, in all their cuteness, my dilemma of how to keep them out of my house plants was a real challenge. Until I went shopping at Publix. As I walked through the floral department at my local Publix, I wanted to take all of the house plants home with me. I mentioned my dilemma to the Publix manager and the florist and the three of us had a fascinating conversation about terrariums. I left there with 3 new plants and a project on the brain.


I found this glass terrarium at Ashley Furniture and knew I’d found the perfect answer to my problem. The only issue was the glass was only around the bottom. The top is completely open.

terrarium supplies

Chicken wire

Since chicken wire is so popular these days, I decided to add it to the top to protect the plants. I simply cut it to fit the openings and stapled it into place.

add plastic liner

I added a plastic liner to help protect the wood frame around the bottom from water. Then add aquarium gravel, charcoal and potting soil.

Ohara's perch

apothecary jar

I found this apothecary jar in the clearance section of TJMaxx. It didn’t have a lid, but that was perfect for my needs. I added the gravel first.


 A layer of charcoal for filtering. And then potting soil and English Ivy.

Cat-proof houseplants

The apothecary jar is in the middle and other plants are planted directly into the soil.

Scarlett Kitten Portrait

Putting plants in a terrarium also helps protect these precious faces from eating something toxic.

O'hara by the fire

O'hara and Scarlett

Now they are perfectly content to watch birds and leave the houseplants alone.

How to Keep Cats out of Houseplants

I think it turned out grand.  So far, the kitties have only sniffed around the wire.  I pulled a few leaves out so you could see them, but they will go safely behind the wire after pictures. Now we’ll have to see whether I kill the plants or not!



Sleeping kitty

All is right with the world.

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10 thoughts on “How to Keep Cats Out of Houseplants

  1. What a great idea! I have the same problem with my cats getting in my plants. In the warm weather I move them out to the patio so the cats don’t get in them, but in the winter all my plants come inside. That’s when the trouble begins. I love your terrarium it is so pretty, and would be a great way to keep them out of small plants, now I just got to figure out how to keep them out of my larger plants.

  2. Great idea! My little cat comes running when I bring home a new plant or flowers. She usually sniffs and goes away but sometimes she has a meal in the middle of the night. I’ve taken to putting my fresh flowers in the pantry at night.

    Thanks so much for sharing this smart and pretty idea at Thoughts of Home. 🙂

  3. What a clever idea. O’Hara and Scarlett are absolutely adorable. I am lucky my cats aren’t interested in my plants, except the catnip but this is a good way to keep them safe, which is so important.

  4. Oh the new kitty is so adorable Kim! Precious pics of Scarlett and O’hara! Love the terrarium too, especially the chicken wire, great solution and it looks right on the farmhouse trend-

  5. What a fabulous project! It came out great and your photos are just wonderful. Your new kitten is just the sweetest little ball of fuzz. I know how curious kitties can be and the trouble they can get into. The terrarium idea is just so smart to protect the plants as well as the fur babies. Excellent post!

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