Day 1 – Starting over in the State of Alabama

Very exciting things are happening in Alabama. You all know how much I love the fact that I am a southern lady.  Well, during the month of October I get to participate in two very exciting things.

  1. I will be participating in a blog “linky party,” called 31 Days, sponsored by The Nester.  It’s a challenge to bloggers to write on one topic for 31 days.  My topic is…31 Days of Starting Overwith a southern twist.
  2. I will be proclaiming my love for the state of Alabama with a giveaway for you! In the lovely city of Homewood, AL, there lives a merchant called Alabama Goods where every item sold is hand-crafted by Alabama residents.  If you’ve never been in the store, it’s high time you checked them out. In the meantime, take a look at my slide show below.


And here is the grand prize for October – two very popular items in their store.  A cutting board crafted by Jim Priest out of Wetumpka, AL, made out of Alabama woods such as maple, oak and various other home-grown trees. And a dish towel hand-sewn by Deborah Elliott from Birmingham, made out of flour sackcloth with a fall applique.  What fun in your kitchen!

Free to a lucky Cozinest subscriber and shopper of Alabama Goods.
Free to a lucky Cozinest subscriber and shopper of Alabama Goods.

And here is how one lucky person will win this fabulous prize valued at approximately $75.

  • Subscribe to by email in top right corner of this page.
  • Leave a comment on an October post.
  • Visit Alabama Goods shop in Homewood, Al.  They will have a fish bowl on site for easy registration and you’ll get to see all the great products they have in person.  The drawing will be done by on October 31st.

So, today I am starting over with a whole new topic, new giveaway, new friends in the blog world and in the great state of Alabama.  What have you recently started over?  New life as an empty-nester? Newlywed? Single mom? New homeowner?  New weight loss plan? Let’s explore these together during the month of October.  I can’t wait to hear from you!


11 thoughts on “Day 1 – Starting over in the State of Alabama

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Thanks so much for reading! I’m so excited about the new blogger friends I am making! I will be writing a post about starting over in a new home, so any tips will be greatly appreciated. My tip for your boxes: save them if you plan to do any gardening and read the book “Lasagna Gardening” by Patricia Lanza. She teaches how to plant everything without digging a single whole! It’s great info and you’ll use your boxes to kill grass or weeds when starting either a flower or garden bed.

    1. Pam, that’s exciting. Tell them you heard about them here and let me know about your shopping experience. They have some gorgeous pottery that would be pretty in your bookcase!!

  1. Starting over, clean slate, sounds like a fabulous idea. I was not thinking about starting anything over, I read your blog, yes it is time to change my mind set so I can make the BEST choices for a best me. So today I will start over with my diet and exercising. No more little changes, I am going cold turkey, taking certain foods out of my diet! Thanks for giving me that I opener I needed.

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