Day 14 of 31 Days of Decorating Tabletops- Creating a Cozy Reading Nook on a Small Porch

I heard a joke once that funeral homes put out a wet and slippery welcome mat to drum up business. Well, it did make me laugh when I heard it, but our welcome mat is truly meant to welcome our guests. Our seasonal decor is meant to do the same. But why did I recently redecorate our front porch? I wanted to create a cozy reading nook. Here’s a photo tour of how it all came to pass.


fall porch decor

front porch rockers

These rockers are this years’ purchase from Hayneedle.

lattice lantern

Metal lattice lantern has been in the family for decades.

lantern and tableAdd a small table, indoor-outdoor rug, and
iron pumpkins

pillows, afghan, and metal pumpkins.


Cozy up with an afghan and a magazine with a fresh cup of tea. Our porch faces south, a perfect direction for cool fall afternoons or mornings.

fountain grass

Planter with numbers from Italy.


Here’s the pot of ivy before I added the pumpkin.

large pumpkin with ivy

Lighted twig pumpkin

empty wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow is ready for mums

wheelbarrow of mums

They are gorgeous!

fall flowers radiance

pier one pumpkin

Sit your pumpkin over a planter with ivy.

tiny twig pumpkins

Tiny twig pumpkin from Pier 1.

fall front porch

A fall front porch, designed for reading in the cool morning soon.


Ivy pot with twig pumpkin


Miniature wheelbarrow…

tea and magazine

A bit of orange

baby mums

Tiny mums. I can’t wait to see them in full bloom.