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10 Truths of How Empowering Beauty Can Be

empowering beauty

Empowering Beauty: A Journey of Passion and Personal Transformation


In the bustling world of beauty, where trends and techniques are ever-evolving, one individual stands out as a beacon of inspiration. Meet the radiant soul behind the Danielle Renée brand, whose journey in the beauty industry has been fueled by a deep passion for empowering women. Let’s delve into the life and experiences of this remarkable entrepreneur, learning about her drive, expertise, and the transformative impact she has on her clients.


I met Danielle Dials in her shop in Saraland, Alabama. After having lunch with my friend, Karen one day, she invited me to go with her to meet one of her dynamic friends. After the story of how they met and the immediate impact Danielle had had on Karen, I couldn’t wait to meet this lady.

I have a habit of rehearsing potential conversations before I meet someone for the first time, so I thought about this while driving to her shop. As I opened the door, fragrance calmed me and her smile was both soothing and welcoming at the same time. All rehearsed dialogue wafted up through the rafters along with the smells of lavender and rosemary. She made a powerful first impression with me and I’m sure she will with you, too.

empowering beauty

1. The Birth of a Dream

Inspired by a desire to instill confidence in women, Danielle embarked on her journey in the beauty industry at the age of 40. Drawn by the enchanting allure of natural self-care businesses in metropolitan cities, she set out to create her own version, a local haven for women seeking to embrace their unique beauty and radiate self-assurance.

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2. Staying Abreast of Beauty Trends

Staying up-to-date with the latest beauty trends, products, and techniques is essential in the fast-paced beauty industry. Danielle relies on social media as a powerful tool to remain informed. Following influencers, estheticians, and brands within her niche helps her discover new and exciting offerings to delight her audience of women aged 35 and older.

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3. Embracing Beauty Treatments

As an avid fan of beauty treatments, Danielle relishes the experience of pampering herself, and wants nothing less for her clients. She emphasizes the importance of timing when getting facials, ensuring they are scheduled at least 3-4 weeks before significant events to avoid any potential skin purging. Beyond facials, Danielle delights in the transformative effects of a fresh manicure, pedicure, or freshly waxed brows, which she believes beautifully complements one’s face.

4. A Moment of Transformation

One of the most heartwarming aspects of Danielle’s journey is the transformative impact she has on her clients’ confidence. One customer, a woman in her 70s, approached Danielle for help in regaining her brows and lashes after chemotherapy.

“A client approached me and asked if I could help her feel more confident about going to her reunion. She was bullied in school. It touched my heart to see how this was affecting her so many years after the fact. Although I don’t offer brow services, I personally created some natural brows for her using brow pomade, and applied some very natural strip lashes on her. When she saw herself, I saw her eyes light up. She wanted to try a facial steamer in my store, and I told her it might mess her brows up. She immediately said, “Nevermind!” I made a new friend in her. I love having those kinds of moments.

5. Ensuring a Safe Environment for Clients

Though not offering traditional beauty services, Danielle goes the extra mile to provide a safe and hygienic environment for her customers. For those who visit her store, she ensures that product testers are sanitized regularly, using clean brushes for application and offering her own skin as a canvas for creating a beautiful look.

Danielle Renée Beauty

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6. The Power of Customer Service

Danielle’s unwavering focus on customer service has shielded her from encountering difficult clients. Her genuine care and attention to her customers’ needs have earned her loyalty and trust, cultivating a nurturing and supportive beauty community.

She firmly believes in customizing skincare advice to cater to individual skin goals. She recommends tailored routines, emphasizing the importance of a consistent regimen and sunscreen application, no matter the skin type or concern.

Her ability to build lasting relationships with her clients lies in her personal touch. From adding free samples to orders and offering exclusive coupons to supporting her customers’ endeavors, she goes above and beyond to make her clients feel valued.

“One of my faithful customers is a school counselor who needed a judge for an art show, and so I volunteered. I send my clients references and business any chance I can.”

7. Makeup Magic: Special Occasion Glam

For special occasions like destination weddings or trips abroad, Danielle follows a meticulous makeup application process. Starting with skincare, she meticulously enhances her features with expertly applied foundation, eyeshadow, and lip products, culminating in a setting spray or powder to ensure her look lasts all day.


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8. Empathy and Expertise: Addressing Personal Grooming Issues

When discussing sensitive topics like personal grooming, Danielle approaches with empathy and care. She avoids judgment and instead offers gentle recommendations to optimize their routines and achieve their desired results.

9. Staying Fresh while Traveling

The advice she shares with travelers is simple and mirrors my own ideas for staying fresh on the go.

  • Focus on skincare more than makeup for a fresh look during travels.
  • Definitely wear sunscreen on the plane/car ride if traveling in the daytime. There’s a clear gel sunscreen that anyone can wear by the brand, Black Girl Sunscreen. It gives your face a wonderful glow and looks great under makeup. My mom and I loved using it every day when we traveled to Italy together.
  • Staying hydrated is also helpful in looking fresh. I recommend increasing water a month ahead of traveling so you get used to the increase, and won’t have to go use the restroom as often while traveling.
  • I think night creams are fabulous for vacationing. They help restore and recharge your skin while you sleep after a long day of travel or touring.
  • Tinted moisturizers are great for travel if you prefer some sheer coverage.
  • Lip balms with SPF are also nice because you’re likely to spend more time outside when traveling.
  • Taking your own natural shampoo and conditioner bar will help your hair stay soft and nourished if you’ll be spending time swimming. And, because these are solids, they shouldn’t trigger any security issues in the airport.

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10. Faith and Beauty

Some say that beauty is only skin deep. Not in Danielle’s case! She is beautiful, no doubt, but, she makes a powerful first impression because of her spirit. She exudes grace and dignity, with a soul that seems peaceful and welcoming. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Danielle shares her deep faith in God, attributing her radiant inner beauty to her relationship with Jesus. Her faith is the source of her kindness, wisdom, and genuine glow, inspiring those around her.

I’m a Christian and I believe Jesus is a God of relationship. I truly value my relationship with Him. I read His word daily and study His character. I talk to Him daily, throughout the day and night. I spend designated time alone just worshiping Him privately. And I live my life for Him as best as I can, not because He will punish me if I don’t – but because He has done so much for me. I was born a sinner and He went to war against the curse of sin (death) for me.  He left heaven for me. He suffered for me. He endured humiliation and slander for me. He died in my place. He conquered death so that I could have eternal life. That’s real Love. I serve Him out of love. If you’ve ever been around someone who is wonderfully kind, wise, genuine, and inwardly beautiful, it’s hard not to be inspired to model their behavior. Jesus is like that. The more time you spend with Him, the more of Him people will see in you.

There is an unspoken thrill in getting to know someone for the first time, savoring every word and nuance that reveals who they are. This encounter was a bit of magic as an unforgettable and transformative moment that will linger in the my heart and mind for days to come. That’s the empowerment of beauty; making others feel beautiful in your presence.

Danielle’s journey is defined by her passion for uplifting women and her dedication to providing a safe, nurturing space for all. Through her expertise and personalized care, she has become a guiding light for clients seeking transformation and confidence. As she continues her voyage in the beauty industry, her remarkable impact will undoubtedly touch countless lives, leaving a trail of radiant beauty and empowerment in her wake.

If you’d like to visit her store in person, it’s just a short drive north of Mobile, Alabama.

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